A Gentle Answer


This eBook is a resource for mother's who need help keeping a gentle tone in the midst of frustrations. It offers insights that we often don't think about on the fly. I hope that it will help us all learn to pause and take a step back before we choose to respond to a child who's having a difficult day (or many days)!

Blog at Home Mom


Blog at Home Mom (#BAHM) is a source of practical and encouraging tips to help moms balance their life at home with their blogging ministry or business online. You will find ideas for organizing and prioritizing your blog and writing, as well as setting goals and keeping balance with your home and children.


Chapter 1: Set Goals and Have a Plan Know what to do and how to get there

Chapter 2: Organize Your Days Know what to do and when to do it

Chapter 3: Prioritize Your Tasks Put your most important duties and details in order

Chapter 4: The Power of a Schedule Make the most of your time by giving it purpose

Chapter 5: Stay Consistent to Keep Balance Knowing the needs is key to knowing balance

Chapter 6: Make the Most of Your Time Learn to make the minutes count

Chapter 7: Care for Your Marriage Be intentional about keeping your man in the loop

Chapter 8: Care for Your Spiritual Walk Everything flows from this vital point

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What Others Are Saying . . .

Blog at Home Mom was a refreshing and encouraging read for this blogging mama of 5. It was just the right balance of help and simplicity that left me feeling empowered to do mothering, life, and blogging well. You will love Christin's winsome writing style and her no-nonsense approach to melding blogging and mothering. I highly recommend this book!

- Joy Forney, GraceFullMama.com

This ebook is packed with fantastic, practical ideas and encouragement for those of you wondering if it’s possible to do both the mothering thing and the blogging thing at the same time.

From experience, Christin knows that being a mom and a blogger and doing both well requires intention, commitment, discipline, and focus. In the pages that follow, she’ll give you tools, tips, and suggestions so you can find exhilaration -- not exhaustion -- from both.

-Crystal Paine, MoneySavingMom.com

Writing doesn't have to take away from family life. Instead, it can add to it, ushering in new experiences and opportunities to serve the Kingdom of God we might never have had otherwise. I've decided to be an all-in mother AND an all-in writer thanks to Blog at Home Mom. It empowered me to believe that my calling as a writer is important to me and my family, and inspired me to get more organized for them both.  

-Brooke McGlothlin, co-author of 

Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess, and co-founder of the MOB Society, an online community for mothers of boys.