As a mother, I can often struggle with getting into the Word on a daily basis, yet the last thing I want is for it to become something just to check off my to do list. Can you relate?

Meeting with God because I need Him is the only way I'll be changed by His word and Spirit. This is not meant to be a legalistic attempt at making myself look good on the outside. It's because I'm dead on the inside without Jesus and I need to live like it. Apart from Him, I can do nothing {John 15:5).

So, what is Moms in the Word?

It's a group of women (moms, or not) coming together to make reading God's word a priority in their lives. We can read the same study or book of the Bible, or we can choose to study different things. But we are still united by reading His Word.

Sometimes, moms can find it extra challenging to find (or make) that time. That's why I titled the community as "Moms in the Word", because as a mother, I have found it increasingly difficult to make this time. Allowing every excuse a mom has. But, when you realize you're need for dependency on Him, you find there are no real excuses. 

Meeting God in His Word and through prayer isn't going to necessarily make our problems go away. However, this allows us an opportunity to be strengthened and receive wisdom.

But, I can no longer get by with excuses on why I don't have time for God. I have no excuse. If He is truly the most important thing in my life -- or is my life-- I need to live like it. 

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