Showing Up Is Only the Beginning

August 30, 2018

August 30, 2018

I get it. When you first decide you need to do something about the sluggish, indulgent life you've been living, the idea of just showing up at the gym or for a workout feels daunting. So when we finally make it to that point, we celebrate. And that's good!! Those small victories (that feel really big) are important to celebrate!

But eventually, we need to move beyond showing up for a workout so we can continue to grow...not only in our fitness, but in our mind as well. When we remain focused on the victory of showing up, we will never grow beyond that. Eventually, we need to focus on more than just showing up. We need to focus on our workouts and how we're pushing ourselves.

Getting through a workout feels like a great accomplishment. But how well did you do that workout? Did you just go through the motions to get it done and over with? To say you got your workout in today? To check it off your list?

If you truly want to grow in strength and get beyond the celebration of showing up, you have to push yourself. You have to make every workout, every set, every rep count. 

I know everyone has varying goals--but consider this. Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle. It encompasses every other aspect of your life. Your eating habits. Your sleeping habits. Your spiritual life. Your moods and emotions. Your stress levels and the ability to make wise decisions. The list goes on and on. 

The degree to how well all of these areas function depends entirely upon our own effort AFTER we show up. Yes, showing up is a GREAT start. But it's just that...a start. After you've celebrated showing up a few times, it's time to focus on getting to work. 

Don't feel ashamed about taking care of yourself! No one can care for your body or mind as well as you can. It is not selfish -- it's necessary. Caring for my needs (and our bodies NEED to be cared for) helps me be a better mom, wife, and woman overall. It not only benefits me but everyone I'm in contact with.

So yes, celebrate showing up--but then push yourself past that and focus on the work that will grow you.

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