Your Role as Leader in Your Family

Mom and daughter hands, outdoors Welcome to the introduction of our summer book club, Lead Your Family Like Jesus!

If you have not gotten your book yet, no worries! You can grab an e-copy here---> Lead Your Family Like Jesus

Before we officially begin, I want to give you a heads up on how we're doing this. My fellow blogging friend, Amanda Pelser, is going to be tag teaming this study with me. And she has created a pretty awesome journal to go with this study. I'll share the link for that at the bottom of this post.

One more thing before we get started on this, I want to caution you (and myself). Let's not allow this to just be "another book study". My goal to bringing Moms in the Word and the Book Club to Joyful Mothering is to hope for real change in my heart and the hearts of anyone interested in joining in. I don't want this just to be another thing to check off our bucket list. I want to transform our hearts and transform our families.

Forget about all the other awesome books out there right now -- just for the next 6 weeks -- and let's dig deep into this one and allow it to change us.

Leader in Your Family

I want to be a good leader for my children. I want to be the kind of mom who lives what she wants her children to learn. I don't just want to tell them how to love; I want to show them. Sometimes it's not always easy, and the "do as I say, not as I do" motto is too close to home.

If you have purchased your book, I encourage you to read the Introduction this week if you haven't yet. It lays a foundation for what the book should accomplish and what it means to lead.

Lead Your Family Like Jesus

Lead by Serving

Essentially, we lead by serving.

I think sometimes we are afraid that if we serve "too much" our children will become spoiled and feel like they're entitled to that kind of service. But the secret is to encourage our children to serve as well. Start within your own home. Teach them to serve one another, serve at church, at family functions.

Children who are poured into in the right way can more easily pour out on others. See, they aren't much different from us adults in their needs.

Let's begin to shift our focus to serving our children because we love them. That's the only way to serve well is through love.

Read chapters 1, 2, and 3 this week.

Now, head over to Amanda's blog and grab a free download of the awesome journal she created to accompany this study.

Here is the updated schedule:

  • June 4 – Intro @ Joyful Mothering
  • June 11 – Part 1: The Heart (3 Chapters) @ Kids in the Word
  • June 18 – Part 2: The Head (3 Chapters) @ Joyful Mothering
  • June 25 – Part 3: The Hands (3 Chapters) @Kids in the Word
  • July 2 – Part 4: The Habits (3 Chapters) @Joyful Mothering
  • July 9 – Conclusion @Kids in the Word

I will continue to have a post up each week, even if the week is hosted at Kids in the Word, to give a brief synopsis and then we'll meet over there for comments and conversation. :) I look forward to some changed families!!