Yes, I Homeschool

school2 by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-SphereUp until now, I haven't really spoken much about being a homeschooling family. Seems a bit odd since it is such a large part of our lives. It's not something I can really separate simply because it's interwoven into everything.

My blog is a place to share with you my ups and downs of mothering, and I realize not every reader homeschools. I hope this will not deter you from reading here. My goal is not to convince anyone they should homeschool. If that is what God has for you, He will let you know. However, in the future I may share with you why I homeschool.

Currently, I am struggling with committing my heart to homeschooling. I'm barely going through the motions right now. We're getting by, but can I be honest? My heart is not in it. No, this is not a sign that I should stop. It's a sign that I should pray and recommit.

Somewhere between one and five children, I have become bombarded with responsibility and major sacrifice. I really need to wrap myself around this commitment because it is crucial to the nurturing of my children. My flesh is so selfish. My spirit wants to do everything right. I can play it out easily in my mind. But my flesh? It wants to have it's own way. I want to have my cake and it it, too. (Whatever that means).

In some ways, I feel inadequate, so I don't try as hard as I should. {I realize I am not allowing God's strength to come forth in my weakness.}

All that to say that you may see some more posts regarding homeschooling here on Joyful Mothering. If I share things we are actually doing, it will be on the weekends. Otherwise, it will be more of the trials and triumphs of homeschooling. :)


Do you homeschool?