Worms and Weeds

Homeschool - Nature Study

Early Mornings and My Latest eBook

This week I have been kind of just keeping afloat with life. Sort of treading water and reflecting on how to best run my household in light of our daughters coming home from Africa in the coming months.

I've also been busy working on finishing up the final pages of my latest eBook (which will be free for subscribers!). Monday begins the new session of Hello Mornings, so I was hoping to begin training myself to get up earlier, but my body is being rebellious. I'm hoping the accountability expected of me as an AC will get me out of bed on Monday.

Digging for Worms

Last week we started a brand new curriculum. The last two weeks have consisted of becoming acquainted with the new curriclum and smoothing out the wrinkles of our schedule. Kind of like the beginning of the homeschool year would look.

We homeschool year round so we don't really have a "beginning" or "end" of year. We just roll with it. Roll with life. The weather this week has finally resembled spring, so we have taken advantage outdoors, digging in the dirt. The kids looked for worms and I began weeding my flower garden.

It was awesome watching my kids run in the house excitedly looking through nature study books looking for information on worms and slugs.

Weeds and Mothering Wisdom

I also spent time weeding my garden and I learned a few lessons about raising children as I noticed how some of the weed roots would entangle the plants. This resulted in pulling up the plant along with the weed. Isn't it the same with our children if we are not careful? When we try to remove the weeds and aren't careful about how, it can take some of the good out with the bad. Raising children is such a delicate process. One in which connection with them is imperative--not optional.

As I tried to pull up the weeds, some of them would only give the top of the plant, leaving the roots. If we only modify their behavior, what does that accomplish? We are only dealing with the surface of the issue, the behavior, and leaving the root, the heart. Eventually, the issues will resurface because the root of the matter wasn't dealt with.

Roots and Behavior

My Favorite

My favorite thing this week was seeing my children grab books from our book basket and read on their own accord. This is very typical in our home, but it still makes me happy to see my children embrace a love for reading. All of my readers love to read. It is a gift to me and it is crucial for them as they learn and grow.

Gabriella and Ben Reading 2

I hope to have more structure to share next week. This week I really just allowed the children to explore on their own, while having just a few formal lessons.