Will the Real YOU Please Stand Up - Chapter 2

Helloooo ladies! Welcome to week 2 of the Pursuit of Proverbs 31 study! What a blessing you all were sharing your heart in the comments last week! Today we're looking at Chapter 2: The Real Woman of Proverbs 31 Amy's thoughts for us this week are just AWESOME and I want to make sure you  have a chance to hear what she has to say today, so find yourself a quite corner for about 15 minutes and hear her heart...

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I love the reminder that what comes from our mouths (and actions) comes from the overflow of our hearts (see Luke 6:45). Our hearts must be in Him--first, before anything else.

If you haven't done the digging into the verses Amy laid out in her book yet, I want to encourage you to make the time to do that today. It is so important we get into His word and see what He has for us. And this relieves you of one excuse -- you now know what to read. ;)

My pastor said last week that the best way to interpret Scripture is with Scripture. Find similar passages and read them in context. Look up root keywords and see what is similar or different in their meaning. Friends, this is such a rich and rewarding way to study God's word. God promises it will not return void. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Amy gives you some wonderful tools in this chapter to help you study the Bible without feeling totally overwhelmed.

If you have done some studying already, share some insights with us in the comments! We love to hear your thoughts.

In fact, we love hearing your thoughts so much that anyone who offers to share them by adding to the conversation in a rich way will be entered to win 1 of two $5 Amazon gift cards.

Here are some ideas to get the conversation going:

What do you struggle with most when it comes to studying God's word?

What did you learn this week by using Amy's tips to study the passages she chose?

What confuses you about the passages?


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