Why You Should Be on Google Plus

You're probably wondering why you would even want to become acquainted with Google+. If you're reading this blog, chances are you yourself are a blogger and are interested in learning more about how to expand your reach. We know that social media is a way to connect with community but sometimes I think we go about it all wrong. Or think that all social media is created equal and functions as such. 3 Reasons You Should Be on G+

Why Google+?

While bringing people back to our blogs is certainly a perk of social media, that is not their main function. Many people don't understand the point of Google+ or are turned off by it simply because not very many people are there. I assure you, it is growing.

Today, I want to share with you 3 reasons you want to be a part of Google+.

Investing in G+ now puts you ahead of the game.

The very fact that everyone is not on Google+ yet is the same reason you should be there. People will come and you want to be ahead of them by having a presence established and having a basic understanding of how Google+ works.

The goal behind Google+ is similar to that of other social media avenues; to build community. But there are other perks that go with Google+ that other social media doesn't offer.

Google Authorship

What is Google Authorship and why you should care about it? 

Authorship offers you authority over your content. It tells those searching you are an established and credible writer and it allows you to break through all the other noise. It puts your content above those without Authorship establishment within searches.

If you are serious about wanting to get your content and your brand out there, this is something you cannot ignore. But don't be intimidated, I will help walk you through what I know, step-by-step, week by week, and share other informational articles with you from Google+ gurus such as Jimmie Lanley.

Meet Fellow Bloggers/Writers

Right now, many of those who utilize Google+ are people like you, who are working at expanding their reach and growing their brand. They're your colleagues. This is an excellent place to learn from others, ask questions, and be better at what you do: blog/write/run a small business.

You may or may not find your audience there. For example, if you are a blogger who's audience is moms who mainly read blogs, but don't blog, you are not likely to find them on Google+...yet.

Just Remember...

Not every social media platform is designed to function the same way with the same goals in mind. Google+ is a vital avenue for connecting, but it may not be with your own audience. Furthermore, connection on Google+ is only part of the story. The main reason I would encourage you to be on Google+ is to authenticate you as a blogger/writer. This is where Google is looking for you - not on Yahoo! search or Bing or SwagBucks. Google is the most used search engine, therefore that's where your credibility will count the most.

In subsequent posts, I will share how to set up your profile, Authorship, and tips to begin engaging.

For now, I encourage you to go to Google+ and just browse it. Familiarize yourself with how to navigate the platform and play with the search bar. You can search hash tags, people, communities and more.

If you have a gmail account, you are already linked to Google+, you just need to fill out your profile information. But don't wait to begin mingling and listening in on conversations!

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