Why Make Money From Blogging?

Why Make Money I know that some people are very skeptical of others using their blog to make money and will even go to lengths to avoid such blogs. I understand how this can be a turn off, but I'd love to enlighten you to a little background on myself and why I've chosen to monetize my blog, Joyful Mothering, and will eventually this one, too.

Hear me out on this, K? :)

I cannot speak for every blogger on this matter because everyone will have their own goals or needs in mind. Everyone has their own reasons for monetizing their blogs. Some are personal while others are more open. Every reader has the right to leave any blog they do not want to read or support based on monetization.

I like to have an open policy on where the money is going. Not because I feel like you deserve rights to know, so to speak. But because I believe it is part of the ministry work I do as a whole. Making money is part of the ministry God has given me.

If someone makes money from their blog for the purposes of supplementing their family's income, that is part of a ministry. Their family is their ministry and it costs money to eat and be sheltered and clothed, right?

The income I generate from my blogs and virtual assistant work has a variety of uses, but none are necessarily to supplement our current income.

I have small business expenses, such as domain name and hosting, PicMonkey, and buying credits from Fotolia for photos.

I also pay for one of the children we sponsor from Compassion International.

Outside of that, I buy homeschooling materials for my children, sometimes books for myself to feed my brain, the rest is used in some way for missionary work.

I have supported organizations such as The Mercy House and Amazima Ministries.

Most recently, all of my extra funds have been to help fund adoption travel costs to help bring our sweet girls home from Ghana.

And can I tell you? There is a link to income blessings and using money wisely. There was a short season when I got too excited about the extra funds I was generating and used them for nothing more than selfish gain. When I did this, the funds began to dry up. Opportunities weren't presenting themselves like they were.

Friends, it's easy to fall into the trap of hoarding and using money for selfish gain. That doesn't mean you can never buy things for yourself. But what I found is I was always buying things for myself; and it still left me unfulfilled. But when I officially committed my income to God, to use as he pleases, my work flourished and prospered.

So, if you're someone who is interested in monetizing your blog or skeptical of those who do, the first question you should probably ask yourself is why? It's none of my business, of course. But, be about the Father's business so His blessings will follow you, that you may bless others.

If you need to bring in extra money to help with the bills at home, that is most certainly a ministry! Be wise with your earnings.

If you don't, you could commit to helping fund projects in 3rd world countries or sponsoring a child, God's blessings will follow you. You could help another family who's struggling to make ends meet in your church. There are endless needs surrounding us. You could be the hands and feet of Jesus.

You have an opportunity many don't have--and potential to get there yet.

But I dare say, when we don't stick to our word, the money will not follow. Making money from blogging is most certainly a ministry when the funds are used and honored by God, and that is determined by only God, as He speaks to you.

Next week I'll share my sources of income.