Why Homeschoolers Should Invest in a Kindle

When I first heard about the Kindle, I was repulsed by it. No way am I reading all my books electronically! I like my books just the way they are! The feel of the pages between my fingers and the grip of a good highlighter (preferably purple) at my fingertips could never be replaced.

One Excellent Reason to Own A Kindle

But, one thing lead to another and I began to recognize the value of having a Kindle. But my top reason for owning a Kindle is cost difference in eBooks compared to traditional books. And there are many classics and children's books (as well as every other genre) that are FREE.

Yes, you can get free eBooks just by having an eReader downloaded. That's a huge plus. However, it's not very convenient for children. Since this post is emphasizing the use of the Kindle for homeschooling, having the actual device in hand is a big help. (An iPad works for this, too, by the way. But it's much more expensive if you're just wanting a hand held eReader).

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Free eBooks

Not only are there lots of free eBooks to tap into, but majorly discounted eBooks that go on sale or are bundled with other eBooks. The iHomeschool Network just finished a bundle deal called the Omnibus, which featured over 90 eBooks for less than $30. It even included some curriculum! As well as lots of help and encouragement for homeschooling moms. {Please note, this sale is now over, but we will have another one next year, featuring all new eBooks!}

A few other resources to tap into, which I keep a regular eye on include:

eReader Girl

Ashley, owner of eReader Girl, posts free eBooks daily, in 3 different categories. Non-Fiction, Christian Fiction, and Children's Books. I am always scouring her selections for gems! Children's books are no exception here!

Free Homeschool Deals

Jamerrill puts a deeper focus on homeschooling then my other two resources. But she lists all eBooks on a daily basis within one post. Her options do not disappoint. eBooks on the middle ages, an entire set on the Civil War, the Human Body and so much more!

Serving Joyfully

My friend Crystal has recently begun sharing the free or deeply discounted eBooks she comes across. She has a fiction and non-fiction section.

Her non-fiction section also includes children's non-fiction.


Books are the building blocks to education. By investing in a Kindle, even an inexpensive one, can offer you a very frugal way of homeschooling. If you kick it up to a Kindle Fire, you have the bonus of another cool reason to own a Kindle.

A built in book light

Kindle Fire has a built in book light

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My kids love to read in bed and I love to let them! We've been through several book lights. Then I had the brilliant idea of allowing them to use the Kindle Fire in bed--it has a built in book light (hello! the whole screen lights up!) Win!

Last night the kids wanted to read something new, so I did a little research and found Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, free for Kindle. I downloaded it to the Kindle and our iPad, and two of my three readers are now reading it.

You can get other classics for free or super cheap, such as the Ann of Avonlea series (.99), Jane Austen: The Complete Collection, (.99) and the Louisa Alcott Collection ($1.99).

You will quickly earn your money back in the Kindle with all the free and discounted goodness you can tap into.

There are definitely more benefits to owning a Kindle, but free and cheap eBooks are at the top of my list.

My friend Trina lists 10 reasons why she prefers eBooks to print books. That doesn't mean you have to ban print books (I still love my print books), but you'll find tapping into eBooks is super beneficial in several ways. Watch Trina's video here. It's less than 2 minutes.

Would you consider investing in a Kindle?

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