Why Adoption and Why Ghana?


What?! You want to adopt--from Africa?! Why?!

I can't pinpoint an exact date of when we decided we wanted to adopt from Africa. The entire process of even thinking outside ourselves in this way was a gradual one.

I remember in years passed, sitting in on those "mission Sunday" services and always dreading them (or skipping them if I could get away with it). I never felt like I could relate because I simply wasn't interested in overseas missions. At all. It was too far away and the cultures were too different for me to even want to think about getting involved. I wouldn't allow myself to attach to the idea and of course the money followed suit.

When we sponsored our very first child, early on in our marriage, it wasn't long before we stopped sending money. Our needs grew more important. Even now, it stings to even admit that. But that was the truth in our minds.

More recently, I remember at one time I picked up the book Radical by David Platt, and it scared me so much I put it down before I finished the first chapter. No joke. I didn't want to know what God might be calling me to do. {Just call me Jonah}. It was too uncomfortable for my flesh. I mean, really uncomfortable.

Since I wouldn't allow myself to make a connection with overseas missions, I chose to remain blind. Looking back, I often wonder if my fragile, sensitive self could even handle the truth. Not to say that I've grown calloused, because I haven't. Rather, God has equipped me with the ability to see. He's enabled me to see without it completely crippling me from the sheer horror. Truly, that is a gift.

{A gradual, unexplainable -because there's too much I don't remember or can't trace- drawing to Africa begins to take place}

Fast forward a year, and my heart has fallen in love with Africa. I start supporting the Mercy House like I've always wanted to (yay for blog income!). Then God grabs my husband's heart in November of 2011 and he can no longer be blind either.

By the end of 2011, God's heart for Africa was heavy on us.

In January of this year, (In)courage featured Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis. At that point, my husband and I had become hungry to read about any ministry being done in Africa. Katie's story moved us more than emotionally.

Her heart to help the impoverished, disease-stricken, lovable children of God in Uganda was infectious. She never once claimed it was easy, and didn't deny there were times she missed some of the conveniences of the States. But she knew where God had her heart, and she was obedient to that. Even through the toughest of times.  It moved us to action. It's the story of God, who longs to reach ALL His people through anyone willing to help spread His message.

Why Africa?

I wish I had a tangible explanation for this question. I don't. The only thing I can tell you is that it couldn't come from anywhere or anyone else then God Himself. I am convinced there is nothing good in me that would do this on my own. I'd already proven that. Anything good in me is Jesus.

How does adoption fit into this equation?

When Jonathan and I got married, we always knew that eventually we would adopt. At the time, we believed it would be a domestic adoption.

About 18 months ago, we started pursuing an agency to look into applying for a domestic adoption. Neither of us had peace about it, at all. So we let it be.

In February or March, we knew God was calling us to adopt from Africa. It just hit us and we knew that was it!

Ghana was chosen after extensive research was done on the countries in Africa where international adoption is allowed. You may not know this, but there is a lot of corruption that can go on behind the scenes of an adoption. We chose Ghana based on the chance of less corruption, or child trafficking, going on.

Sometimes no explanation is needed. Obedience to Christ is the only explanation I've got right now. For us, that's enough.

That might be one of the biggest things we run into. People want an explanation for why we're doing this. Just like people wanted an explanation for why we kept having children.

We're simply trying to be obedient to what God has called us to. Yes, it comes with a price. Yes, the life of ease has to go. Yes, our own children will be involved in what God has for us; because it's for them, too. He won't leave us to do this on our own.

I don't have all the answers up front. I just try to take it a day at a time, and try, try, to listen to God.

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