Where We Are Called to Disciple

Monday there was quite the tragedy at the house next door to mine. The teenage boy who lived there was found unconscious in his car. By the time I knew anything was going on, the ambulance lights were flashing in my window.

I grabbed my coat and ran outside because one of the neighbor girls was struggling to hold it together and there was noone there to comfort her. I ran up to her and wrapped her in my arms and prayed to God.

The boy has a heart condition and apparently went into heart failure. They took him into the ambulance and we waited. At that point I started feeling an ache in my stomach and I had to lean over to catch some deep breaths. Although we've lived next to this family for 4 years, we weren't that acquainted with them. We were friendly neighbors, waving hi in passing. But that's the extent of it.

As the ambulance pulled away, we were left with no real answers. But I felt sick thinking the worst.

He doesn't know Jesus.

I called my husband on the phone to tell him and I think I scared him to thinking something was wrong with one of our own children. As I started to talk, I began hyperventilating -- something I've never experienced before. I couldn't catch my breath between words.

Why am I so upset over someone I barely know?

Because he doesn't know Jesus.

God is breaking my heart and opening my eyes to see just why it's so important that we disciple those he's placed around us. It's no accident that God has placed each of us where He has.

We are to share the gospel with others and then show them how to go out and share the gospel with others. That's what it means to make disciples. It doesn't mean to sit within the same group of believers and disciple each other.

It means to "Go!" and disciple the nations--proclaim the gospel to those who don't know it. The nation is all around us. America is in just as much need for the true Gospel of Christ as any other nation.

Not only do we need to look for those in our scope of reach, but we need to not neglect the ones God has placed in our own home: our children--and perhaps even an unsaved husband. Do not make the mistake of thinking that our complacency (or lack of intentionality) will not have a negative effect on our children or in our own lives.

The word on the boy next door is that he is breathing and with a pulse - PRAISE GOD. But as of yesterday, there were still no answers. Pray for him? His name is Jacob.

The days are evil and we need to make the most of every opportunity. (Eph. 5:15)