When You Need Fresh Vision

Sometimes life just takes off and you run, run, run, and before you know it your vision has been blurred by the fast pace. That's where I've been the last few weeks. With the passing of my father in law and traveling and everything that goes along with mourning the loss of someone you love, the days have just come and go without much intention of living. Christmas light blur

I need fresh vision; for my home, for my homeschool, for my work. I use the term work lightly since it's more like a hobby I love, and get paid for.

Then a dream that was planted into our hearts is beginning to take root. I have never mentioned it here because I didn't know everything for certain. I was waiting on God and the right timing. He has placed the dream there and has begun paving the way to it's reality.

Last week it still seemed so far off. But this week, it's so within reach we can almost touch it. God is doing some amazing things! He has planted a deep desire in us to adopt a child out of poverty and give them a family. We are looking at a country in Africa and are currently researching (yet now narrowing) just the right agency.

Isn't this crazy amazing! You want to talk about God-sized dreams?!

So, my vision needs some revamping. Or an overhaul, or something.

Homeschooling has been kind of lacking and I would really like to take that up a notch (or three). We are year round homeschoolers--not necessarily by choice, but by life circumstances. I don't mind too much. Now with adding the adoption process into the mix, it puts a new spin on our lives!

I need to figure out how to make my curriculum work for me. It seemed to work well in the first few years, but now it seems choppy to me. I don't know why. It's well put together, but sometimes it's hard to find the titles I need for the week's reading, so much of the reading doesn't get accomplished. There must be a way to fill these gaps.

I don't know how you all feel about me sharing my adoption journey here. My goal would be to help someone in the future who needed some detailed information on the international adoption process. I know when I was hunting for information and I came across Kim VanBrunt's blog, I was so incredibly grateful that she shared her experience. I sat down and read it all in one sitting.

I'm thinking it would only be once or twice a month. Would that be OK, if I took you on this journey with me? I could really use your prayers through this as I know I cannot do it alone.

Do you have a need for fresh vision today? I encourage you to take the leap!!

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