When Hope Dims

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Often when I sit down to type my thoughts into the next post, I struggle with the memories of my past. I can't recollect much and today I think I figured out why. Maybe it's subconscious because it's not something I really think about, but I bury memories deep. Today an old song came on and it took me back to days in my life when my flesh and strong-willed self silenced the voice of the Spirit. It's amazing how quickly I connected with the past through a song. I seriously believe if I went through the music I used to listen to, I could dig out the memories.

Before I was married I went to parties with my (then) best friend. We met a guy there who became a friend of ours. He wasn't a Christian and at that time I wasn't really living the life of one. Even through this time, God was gracious enough not to give me over to my lustful desires. He still protected me from myself. So, this guy, his name was Gary, we ended up working together in an electronics store so we were well acquainted.

He was searching. He was a single guy, about 24 at the time. On his 24th birthday none of his friends showed up. Only my friend and I came. We brought him a cake. Later he bought a nice, big new house all for himself. No one but my friend and I showed up to help him move. {Just imagine a 4 foot 8 and 5 foot 2 girl trying to haul a sofa up the stairs).

He didn't have a love in his life. Women came and went. But there was nothing real there.

After I got married, I had to let our friendship go. It was just no longer appropriate and I felt it was dangerous for my marriage.

Three years went by and I got a call.

Right before Christmas, he had committed suicide.

I struggled for the first year upon hearing this news. I knew he didn't know the Lord and it cut me deeply. I had talked to him once or twice about Jesus, but he wasn't interested.

It opened my eyes to the fact that there are people out there who feel like there is no hope. And usually, they don't talk about it.

Can I tell you that there is hope? No matter how bleak your situation appears, you have hope. Nothing is too difficult for God; nothing is beyond Him. You don't need to see hope to know it's there.

In fact, ..."hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has?" {Romans 8:24}

In order to have hope, you must have faith. They go hand in hand. Without faith {in God}, there can be no hope.

Faith is not about thinking positively enough about a situation that it turns in your favor.

Faith is believing that God is who He says He is, and that He's going to do what He said He's going to do. It's knowing that even if you can't see God with your eyes, you know He's there.

Hope isn't something that's far off in the distance. Instead, it knocks at your heart's door. All you need to do is open it and invite hope in.

It's also something we shouldn't keep to ourselves. People need to know about the hope they have in Jesus Christ.

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