What's So Great About eBook Bundles?


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I know people see promos flying around for different eBook bundle sales. I usually promote 2 to 3 per year that I find extremely awesome and useful for myself. (And I only promote the best). And I get that sometimes seeing these promos can get really annoying. I get that. But because there are some people online different times of the day, promos will be shown a lot. If it's something you're not interested in, that's totally fine! Just ignore the promos--they'll be gone in a week.

Ebook bundles are designed to offer you an incredible deal on a bundle of specific resources that would otherwise cost, literally HUNDREDS of dollars purchased separately.

The Omnibus is something only offered once per year by the iHomeschool Network, and it is the largest and least expensive homeschool bundle out there. The iHomeschool Network is a network made up of all homeschooling moms who work to help other homeschooling moms, and this is simply one way we do that. We write materials to help you and once per year, we offer an awesome bundle of things we sell at a rock bottom price so that you can take advantage of some fabulous resources.

This bundle contains 83 eBooks and 24 audio mp3's about different topics surrounding homeschooling. There is something for everyone, including the kids. There are planning materials, curriculum (some pretty awesome Pre-K curriculum, I might add), parenting resources, marriage encouragement, printables plus more.

Here are five reasons to get the Homeschool Omnibus Bundle:

1. The Price is Right

100 resources for just $25? Wow. There's a reason we only offer this bundle once per year! ;) That's only .25 per resource!

2. The Quality is Excellent

You're not just getting subpar content here. These resources are written, created, and put together by blogging homeschool moms who listen to the needs of their readers and create products based on those needs. These are not poor quality resources. They were created with YOU and YOUR needs in mind.

3. The Writers are Experienced

We aren't talking about someone writing a book based on theory or what was known 20 years ago. These are on-the-job homeschooling moms writing what is currently working, in the here-and-now. The material is new and fresh. In fact, this years bundle contains 83 BRAND NEW titles that were not in previous Omnibus bundles.

4.  Homeschool Moms Need Encouragement

Let's face it, homeschooling is HARD. It just is. This bundle is jam-packed with encouragement and direction, and who doesn't need that? Do you need help with time management? We have you covered. How about an art curriculum in chalk pastels? That's in there, too. In need of a planner? There are several to choose from.

5. See Number One

I know, that's only 4, but I cannot stress enough what an incredible deal it is to receive over 100 resources for only $25. That's about .25 per resource. Twenty-five cents! Some of us have spent months and months working on these resources -- because let's face it, writing or creating something of excellent quality takes time when you're homeschooling!

The sale ends Sunday. I do not promote something unless I 100% believe in it.

Some fine print before you proceed:

> The deadline for refunds is September 5.

>Positively no refunds will be given if the file host shows that you have downloaded any files.

>The ebooks will only be available until September 25, please do not delay in downloading them. See the FAQ or contact iHomeschool Network  for more information.

>DVDs can be purchased until September 20.