We Got a Buyer! {Coffee Break}

So, the last time I wrote a Coffee Break, it was to share that we were getting ready to list our house. That was 4 weeks ago. Our house was listed for 3 weeks before we received an offer. I know many would say, “Wow, that was fast!” and I am thankful to hear that. But hauling 5 kids and 2 dogs out of the house for 3 weeks of showings seemed to crawl by. Keeping a home staged for that long with that many people in the house is no easy task, let me tell you!

God Had the Perfect Buyer

Last week we had one potential interest and by Monday this buyer had decided that between our house and one other, ours would best suit his needs. Anyone who knows real estate knows time is of the essence and when you have a time limit to sell your home in order to buy the home you want, it puts you on edge a little bit, no?

After we received the offer and counter-offered which was then accepted, we ran into a hiccup with the buyer. For about four hours I was pacing the house in prayer and in dialogue between my flesh and spirit. It went something like this:

Flesh: This isn’t God’s will. This all something you just want. 

Spirit: We didn’t ask for this house. We weren’t even looking. God brought it to us and we prayed and tested this by asking for the doors to remain open if this was truly Him and His will. The doors remained open for us to sell our house.

Flesh: This is a material item, nothing eternal and you’re being materialistic by being worried that the whole thing might fall through. So many other people are going through such harder things then this. 

Spirit: It’s not so much worry as it is battling in the Spirit. I am fighting to stand on God’s word amidst the lies of the enemy. I am not everyone else and they are not me. God has written a different story for each of us. Does that mean I should just give up on it?

Flesh: You cannot justify being emotional over an object. God never made promises about giving people material possessions.

Spirit: God promised Abraham land for his family and people. 

Flesh: You trying to cope with the idea that you may not get it means you lack faith. 

Spirit: It’s not that I lack faith. I fully believe God is capable of making this happen. I just want to be sure my heart is in the right place by being OK if it doesn’t happen. 

I am beginning to wonder if there is anything in life that just goes smoothly, but I realize that because we are part of God’s story, the enemy is always on the prowl. He wants to weaken us; make us lose heart, lose faith, and forget all the things God has promised us.

I read an article the other day that someone posted on Facebook titled something like, “Obedience Doesn’t Mean Success”. I tried to find it again, but I can’t. Anyways, the point behind the post was to teach that just because you’re obedient to God, doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful.

I cannot honestly say I have ever encountered such a road. Whenever God has told us to do something, we always check to make sure it was in fact God and not our flesh or imagination. Typically we ask for a few signs or confirmations. Some things we ask are very specific, some more broad.

When it came to selling our home and purchasing a new one, it wasn’t something we were looking for. The opportunity quite literally fell into our laps. We prayed, “Lord, if this is something you want us to pursue, show us by keeping the doors open.” There were many hurdles we had to jump over and to our eyes, it was a long shot. But He continued to keep the doors open.

I cannot speak for how other people hear from God, but I know that for me, I have never experienced God telling me He was going to do something, and then decide to change His mind.

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