We Choose Virtues

Over the last week, my children and I have used the materials from We Choose Virtues and we are all enjoying it! Please note, this post does contain affiliate links.

We Choose Virtues is a simple curriculum that helps children learn biblical virtues and live them out. Children need to learn how God has called us to live our lives and this is a fun and effective way to teach them.

I find that is so important to be intentional about teaching these virtues to our children regularly because it keeps it in the front of their mind.

When we worked through the "I am Kind" parenting card, my kids really grabbed hold of why it's important to be kind to others---and it begins with each other. Because we spent time talking about the virtue and doing the coloring page, it stayed with them throughout the day and they worked at being kind to one another. {Yes, sometimes it's work when you fall into bad habits of mean talk or rude behavior}.

God has given us these principles to follow in order to protect us and help us live the best possible life. It's not about rules and regulations -- it's about knowing how to live a righteous life so we can be used in the best, most effective possible way. It's about living harmonious and unified lives with each other. It's about love in action.