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For those of you who don't already know, in about 15 days I'll be boarding a train headed for Harrisburg, PA to go to the Relevant Conference. This will be my second year attending this awesome conference and words cannot express my excitement. This year I have the extra gift of having my cousin, Kelley {@MrsHaggie810 on Twitter} accompany me. We'll be traveling and rooming together. We have a close relationship and frequently have slumber parties involving both our families. So, there may not be much for surprises here. However, for the sake of fun, I thought I would join in on sharing the Top 10 Things My Relevant Roomie Should Know About Me...

  1. I am an introvert. It's strange. I love hanging around people, but I also love having time alone to just reflect on things and think {and write}. I suppose that is a common trait for those who enjoy writing.
  2. I have been known to yell in my sleep. Or punch. The last time I remember yelling in my sleep I had a dream my youngest, while yet a baby, was kidnapped from our car while we were out. I woke myself up yelling, "Jesus, bring him home!" As for the punching...let's just say, thankfully my husband had already been up and left for work.
  3. I tire out earlier than I would like. That's to be expected with 5 children. But there just comes a time when my body shuts down whether I like it or not. Thankfully, Relevant will have plenty of bottomless, Starbuck's coffee at our disposal. You bet I will be taking full advantage!
  4. Did I mention I like love coffee? You knew that, right? ;)
  5. I am very punctual. One of my pet peeves is being late. I don't know why. I have just always been a very punctual person. Especially if I'm meeting with someone - I feel bad if I make them wait!
  6. I do not spend a lot of time on myself getting ready.
  7. Typically I take forever to wake up in the morning, but at Relevant I am up and attem as early as may be without a problem. Hmmm...wonder why!?
  8. I highly delight in the little things. You'll probably notice my face glued to the window on the train, drinking in all the scenery. {Last year I brought 5 five books to read on the train. Then I brought five more books on the trip home. I didn't touch one of them!} You may also find me staring out the hotel window soaking up the mountain view:


9. I might get homesick - you'll probably see me texting a lot! And actually, I think Jonathan {my husband} was worse than me last year. He texted more than I did {probably because I was in sessions and stuff, LOL}

10. I'm so excited you get to experience this awesome weekend with me, Kelley! Yay!

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