{To be} Fully Satisfied

Gratitude is something I am learning about. Something I know I need to continue to seek, because when I am content and when I am present in each moment, I can take that moment and make the most of it - thus, making the most of my days.

Instead of relishing each moment, each year, each opportunity, each step on the journey, I'm constantly overeager to get to the next thing, which always looks more enticing than what's currently before me. I'm rarely satisfied in full with my present situation. -The Resolution for Women, pg. 13

I am pushing 31 years old. Before I began my journey into motherhood at 21 years old, I was better at soaking up those moments.  But motherhood changes you--in many ways for the good. But sometimes we don't want to be changed and molded to fit the season of motherhood and as a result, we don't fully live life as a mother.

Motherhood requires sacrifice, and sometimes I resist this and it robs me because I'm looking at the horizon rather than what's right in front of me.


Instead, this is what I have become

Instead of embracing the privilege of being a blessing to my husband, my children, my friends, and others, I'd been quietly communicating that I wanted them to change and speed up, to get busy being somebody else, someone who's more in line with what I want and need, to hurry along to a place where they could make me happier than they currently do. -The Resolution for Women, p. 15

Isn't this a hard truth to swallow? It really is. I know I don't realize I'm doing it until I'm faced with the ugly truth.

This only enlarges my need for Jesus--to press into Him and rely on Him for strength.

Friends, let us serve our families with joy and humility. Being humble means we put ourselves lower. We give up our "rights" and simply serve. We don't think about what others need to do for us or how we ought to be repaid. We just serve out of love and humility.

Aren't those the best reasons?

In order to be fully satisfied, we need to fully surrender ourselves to each moment.

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