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Naming 2011

Now I want to give you a few tips for success. These are by no means exhaustive. But they can help in getting you closer to where you want to be.

1. Write it down - everywhere!

Put it on your cell phone banner. In your planner. In your journal. Hang it on the fridge. Tape it on the bathroom mirror. Do whatever you have to do to constantly have that goal staring you in the face so that it can always be in the front of your mind.

My one word for 2011 is joy. Joy will interweave every other goal I make this year, so I am going to put that in many places I visit often. My own blog will be a reminder for me! Underneath joy is my quiet time, which is added into my everyday schedule so it is not forgotten. Yes, it is very useful to schedule in a quiet time. :)

2. Be intentional.

Make steps to reach your goal. Don't just let things happen. No fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants goal reaching. Be intentional about making it happen.

My first goal is to make my quiet time with Jesus my top priority. Without this time, everything else falls apart. It is a must, therefore it is at the top of the list. So I need to take intentional steps to get to bed early, so I can wake up for prayer and not overfill my evenings so I have that time to read the Bible. I have added these into my schedule so they will not be forgotten. This is a practical and tangible goal.

Each month I will also be working on an area of heart change. January will be joy in my speech & tone of voice. In order to remember to speak with joy, I will have to have it posted everywhere and keep it in the forefront of my mind. Meditate on it. Read scriptures on it. Pray on it. Think about it -- a lot. It is my top priority over everything else.

3. Don't give up.

This might be the most difficult tip, but it will sooo be worth it. If you mess up, pick up again and keep going. Don't allow imperfections to stop you. Pray for strength when things get tough. I can almost guarantee that Satan will be working against you as you take on these endeavors. Fight back and don't let him win.

The Bible says, "Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." Galatians 6:9

This passage speaks on the fruit of the Spirit. Somewhere in our goals lies a fruit that we are chasing after. Which one is yours? Many times we have to fight for it.

4. Reflect regularly and often.

I highly recommend and encourage you to get a journal and write down these goals. Reflect on them. Write verses next to them for inspiration. Write how it's going; your failures, your victories. Write how God reveals himself through the journey. It doesn't have to be long. But do it regularly and often. It will give you some indications on anything that needs tweaking or prayer. It will also make a keepsake for future generations. :) The days come and the days go...leave a trace.

One last tip:

5. Expect it to be challenging.

All too often I think we have this notion that things will always come easy. We can play it out in our minds, however, we cannot foresee the obstacles that stand in our way or cause delays, detours, or distractions. Push through them. This tip goes along with not giving up, but before you even begin you need to recognize this will likely not be easy. Go in expecting a fight.


Tomorrow I will share my goals for the year 2011. Will you join me?