The Soul Matters {POP31 - Chp. 10}

Today is our final chapter on Pursuit of Proverbs 31 and it is one of the most important issues dealt with in Amy's book.


As I was driving in my car one day, I was singing the words of a familiar worship song by Jeff Deyo, "Bless the Lord".

"And I will worship you; I will bless your name forever.I will worship you. Bless the Lord O my soul, bless the Lord."

The words came out, but they didn't feel real. At that moment, they felt like lip service and nothing more. I had allowed my connection with the Lord to be fleeting rather than purposeful.

So the words didn't carry the same weight they should have, and I knew it. I couldn't fully believe what I was singing--of my soul blessing the Lord--because my soul hadn't even been fully tuned into Him.

It was more like God was in the background of my life and I just went about my days. Sometimes throwing a "thank you, Lord" out or a "God, I really need this" His way.

But I wasn't stopping, going over to Him, and simply sitting at His feet. I wasn't taking in any of His teachings, His wisdom, correction, direction. Nothing. I simply acknowledged His existence.

Even the demons do that.

If I can't set aside time for Him, He's not my Lord. A lord is someone who has control over others. I wasn't giving Him any control.

Passion was lost.

If we can't stop for soul nurture, we're going to die soul-starved. Beyond that, God cannot be in the background of our lives and still be called our God. Oh, He's still God of the universe; but we aren't letting Him be God of our universe. We're just letting Him in on the ride, but we're the ones piloting.

Our lives might be full, but they won't be fulfilling. We'll constantly be reaching for something that doesn't satisfy, and when that fails we'll move on to the next thing.

Meanwhile, God is behind us jumping up and down, trying to get our attention. (Could you picture that?! ;) )

OK, so maybe he's whispering. But the noise--busyness, distractions, stuff--it's so loud, we can't even hear Him.

If we aren't putting God in front of everything we do, it's pointless. He truly must be lord of our lives if we're going to call Him Lord.

What is something that hinders you from giving God full control?

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