The Role of Joyful Mothering

Mothering our children well requires many aspects. It includes homemaking, training, teaching, nurturing, discipleship, a solid marriage, and a heart for Jesus. My heart for this space is to be an encouragement in all these things.

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However, I am going to be spending more time on the discipleship aspects--for us as women: daughters of God, wives & mothers; but also for our children.

My goal at Joyful Mothering is

  1. To encourage you in the discipleship & nurturing of your children
  2. To challenge you to set aside everything in order to spend time on this
  3. To help equip you with excellent resources and show you practical & tangible ways to use them
  4. To inspire and motivate you to persevere in this role
  5. To help you grow in your own walk with Christ and to nurture it daily
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Joyful Mothering will also showcase posts on marriage since a family is built on a solid and thriving marriage. It will be mainly from a wife's stance and role. Typically, this will be series based.

I will write some of the challenges, tips, ideas, and also point you to the new Homemakers Challenge site for series that will take place there {such as 31 Days to Clean in September}. This is where much of the homemaking posts will be found, though.

Homemaking and discipleship are such large topics, I couldn't fully share them both in this space. They truly need their own space to have room to spread and grow.

My heart for this space begins in our home, not on this blog. My desire is not to write about what I wish I was doing, but to write about my doing those things I wished I was doing. ;)

My heart isn't for this blog, it's for our children.

And it's for you.

Because I am a mess and for some reason, God has chosen me even in my messiness. And guess what?

He's chosen you, too.

How will you answer? Are you up to accepting what He has for you? Even when it's hard?