The Resolution for Women ~ Intro

This is my first vlog here on Joyful Mothering. I was determined to do this in one take. It took about 7.  No, I didn't really forget the name of the book. LOL If it looks like I'm going to throw up, I'm not. My mouth was just getting really dry after about the 5th take! :P And I say "um" a lot. I don't like dead air. Moving on..


The link:

The Resolution for Women on Amazon.

In the video I reminded you of a post I wrote that asked you about what you wanted. Here is the link for that post: What Do You Want? and also mentioned discipleship requiring commitment: Discipleship Requires Commitment

So, next week I'm going to have a bit of a busy Thursday. I'm posting over at B'Twixt and B'Tween, but I will also have a post up for the Resolution here.

If I keep giving myself excuses on why I can't do it, it just won't get done. So I'm pushing through and doing it anyhow. :)

So this is your challenge this week: Decide if you're ready to make this commitment. It's not a commitment that will only last through the length of this book. It's a commitment that's meant to last a lifetime. Are you ready?


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