The Relevant Conference - I'm Going!

So, have you heard the buzzing around the web about the Relevant conference my friends Sarah Mae, Jessica Heights, and Dana Adams (whom I haven't had the pleasure of connecting with yet) are putting on? Many of my favorite bloggers and speakers will be there!

When I first heard of the birthing of this conference (late last year), I thought, "Oh it sounds so fun, but there is no way I can go. My husband would never go for it. We wouldn't be able to afford it."

When I first brought the idea up with my husband, he made it very clear he was uncomfortable with the idea of me going [alone] on a trip to meet a bunch of people I'd never met before--a legitimate reason, for sure.

But I continued to connect and interact with Sarah Mae and Jessica throughout these months and would talk about them frequently to my husband.

This weekend, I casually brought up the idea again, and instead of the same expected answer, he began asking me questions about where it was, how much, etc. Hope peeked.

Obviously, having the support of my husband was first and foremost.

Very quickly things began to happen. Next thing I know, someone sponsored a hotel room for me [and my sweet baby boy]. Wow. I mean wow! That was 2 out of 3 obstacles I had to step over in order to get to Relevant. I had only one left.

Somewhere along the way, though, my hope waned--even though God had already taken care of two large aspects of making this trip possible!

He quietly told me to be patient. Boy, was I impatient! Because all of this began unfolding just Sunday, and here it is Thursday and I just couldn't wait! I didn't think there was a way to overcome this last obstacle. I questioned whether God would fill such a "trite" desire. Then I got an email.

Though my blog is yet small -- DownEast Basics agreed to sponsor my ticket to the Relevant Conference!!

DownEast Basics is a modest, stylish clothing line for women. If you are attending the Relevant Conference, you need to seriously peek at their new line for a great outfit to show off. Oh and don't forget to accessorize!!

I have an outfit all picked out and can't WAIT to show it off!

If you are interested in going to the Relevant Conference, there are still some tickets left, and the hotel discount still stands (until Sept. 30)!!

I hope to see you there!