The Reading Lesson {Giveaway}

Last week I was working with my 4-year old daughter, teaching phonics, and she was so adorable going through the sounds with me.

Then we came to the part when I asked her to tell me the sounds, to see if she remembered what we went over.

It went like this:

I was teaching her the sound of "c" as in "cat".

Then I ask her what sound "c" makes--

--and she says, "meeooow".


I have to admit, though, she had me laughing for a good 10 minutes--and then any time I spoke about it with someone after that! Smart little cookie, I'd say!

The beauty of teaching phonics--teaching reading really, is that when it seems like you're getting nowhere, all of a sudden, one day, it clicks. They learn that the letters make sounds, and several sounds together make words. It just clicks. She is my fourth child who I have taught to read and each time is such a rewarding experience.

I think it really helps to have a good program, such as The Reading Lesson, to help guide you in a bit of a systematic and consistent way.  They offer several tools to teach in a variety of ways. The DVD and the CD-rom helps to re-iterate what you teach from the book and it's fun to watch in action.


I am giving away an entire package of "Reading Lesson" goodies to one reader!

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment and tell me how you might benefit from this awesome package.

Be sure to check out their website!!

Giveaway ends Friday night at 11:59pm EST.

U.S. residents only please.

Winner will be selected and contacted Saturday morning!