The One Year Mother-Daughter Devotional

Recently my daughter and I had the opportunity to read [for review] The One Year Mother-Daughter Devotional put out by Dannah Gresh. We really enjoyed the variety and simplicity of these devotions. They didn't overload my daughter but did give her "food for thought".

In addition, we were able to discuss issues right there on the spot, because we were doing the devotion together.

I think it is extremely healthy and great for relationship building (of you & your daughter as well as your daughter and God) to do devotions together. Even if your daughter is old enough to read on her own. Doing them together opens up the opportunity for conversation and questions answered on the spot. Rather than having them forgotten in the midst of life, between doing the devotion separate and trying to find time to meet together later.

Dannah explores topics that young girls face and not every devotion is all seriousness. There is plenty of fun to be had---because living should be fun, too!

Each devotional is equipped with "Girl Gab" which helps create conversations about each issue discussed. I really enjoy that because often it asks me questions to help me share parts of my walk with God with my daughter so that she can see that I face struggles, too. It helps her see that living a life for God is not easy and she is not alone.

Dannah shares 5 different elements throughout these devotionals. They are:

  • Bible Blast - digging deeper into Scripture
  • Language Lab - help with important words in the Christian faith (like "Hallelujah")
  • Amazing Animals - a couple devotions a month that feature amazing animals and what they can teach us about God
  • Kickin' Kraft - some devotions offer the opportunity to make a craft (my daughter LOVES crafts)
  • Meditation Moments - learning to meditate on God's word

To view a few of these unique devotions, you can check out a sample here! It also has the list of the above elements in more detail.

This would make a great gift this Christmas! It's a great way for you to come into fellowship with your daughter and talk about God's word together. I honestly can't think of anything better.

Christian Book Distributors is selling it for a mere $11.99 right now. Not a bad price for a year of quality time.

*Book given to me courtesy of Tyndale Publishers in exchange for this authentic review. Please see my full disclosure policy.