The One Goal Every Home Should Have

I originally titled this "The One Goal Every Homeschool Should Have". But this isn't just for homeschool families. It's for every family. It would apply to the homeschooling as well as non-homeschooling family. Every family dynamic is going to be different. But there is one common thread that should run through them all. A very important thread. The most important thread.


This should not be something cliche' in our lives. We should not be offering mere lip service in our walk with Christ. Jesus was such a good storyteller. I'm not. I'm not great with making illustrations to help people understand better what I'm trying to convey. But he sure told many stories to the people because they just couldn't "get it". The secrets of the kingdom were not revealed to them. He explained spiritual things to them with earthly stories to help them grasp understanding of it.

The parable of the sower is a great illustration of how we should cultivate the hearts of our children. It should be our first priority in child rearing, not just homeschooling.

What kind of ground are we laying? Are we laying the ground for success financially? For education and the wisdom of this world? For financial stability?

Jesus named four grounds where the seed fell, but only one brought forth fruit. One.

The path

The sower threw seed on the path. Paths are typically patted down from everyone walking on them. The seed is exposed for anyone to snatch up. They didn't understand the Word so the evil one snatched it away.

We need to make sure we understand the Word so that we can help our children understand it. This will take time and consistency, but even at a young age, children can be taught what the Word of God means. As they grow, their understanding will deepen. Don't just read the Bible; teach the Bible and live out the Word of God.

The rocky places

This can be a deceiving ground. Unfortunately, I think many seeds fall onto rocky ground. Many parents believe that doing just enough to get by will bring about good soil. It doesn't. What happens is because there isn't enough soil, the word is received with joy, but since it has no root, it quickly withers. When trouble comes, he falls away.

When Jesus is preached as Someone who simply enhances one's life, there is no root. Jesus is much more than that. So, when things go awry, the person throws Him off. Our children need to understand their need for Christ.

Jesus isn't an ornament in our lives, He's a lifeline.

The thorns

Are our children growing up in a house full of worry? Are we deceiving them with the comforts of wealth and stuff? This is another very common ground for seed to fall on. When the pleasures, worries, and wealth of the world are present, the Word of God is literally choked out by it.

This is so very important. We must reject the lust of the world and worldly living. We must. We can no longer give excuses on why it's OK. It's not. The Bible says it's not.

We can't go half way. We can't be half-hearted. It's all or nothing. God rejects the lukewarm. Don't be lukewarm.

Good soil.

So, we have the soils that don't produce fruit, in order to have good soil then, we need to do the opposite of all the things the bad soil wasn't enough to do.

Teach our children understanding; immerse them in God and His word; and reject the things of this world so they don't drown Jesus out of our lives.

This is our tilling season. This is our time to work to cultivate the hearts of our children in order to prepare them to receive the seed of the Word. What kind of ground are we preparing?

Next week I'll share practical ways you can till good soil for your children. One way is to teach your children what their purpose is.

I'll share what resources we use to help us with this goal.


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