The Husband Project {Wrap Up}

As we wrap up The Husband Project here on the blog, don't let that stop you from continuing your projects as you are able. The Husband Project is a tool to get you started--it doesn't need to be followed perfectly. It is meant to give you a jump start to refreshing your marriage and lighting that spark back up.

 The holiday weekend even threw me for a loop and I've had to let a couple days go and pick them up again. No big deal!

Remember the point of the project. It's not a race. It's a reboot for your marriage. Even if you only do one project per week, it still counts.

Want to share how a particular project went? Click here and find the Day, click on it and leave a comment! :) Or, you can share in the comments below. :)

Have you noticed a difference since beginning The Husband Project?

Winners of last week's giveaway:

#31 - Tracie B. ~ The Marriage Project

#45 - JessW. ~ The Get Yourself Organized Project

#57 - Tabitha ~ The What's for Dinner Solution

#18 - Stephanie ~ Praying God's Word for Your Husband