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Thanks for dropping in!! We did the Husband Project back in July of 2012.  But feel free to take a look around. You can stay up do date by subscribing and liking my Facebook page, where news is always streaming!

Husband Project

One of my goals for the month of July is to begin reading a book to encourage my marriage and I thought it would be fun to do The Husband Project together.

So yesterday on Facebook, just to get an idea of interest, I asked if anyone would be interested in doing it with me. The response was overwhelming!

So consider this the official sign up (linky below). If you don't have a blog, no worries! Just leave a comment saying "Hey! I'm in!"

We will begin July 30th. I will post an introduction on that day letting you know how the project will work. Since I can't post everyday on my blog, we will utilize Facebook and Twitter to communicate throughout the week with how the projects are going. Then I'll post once per week to let you know how it's going for me, and give you an opportunity to link up a post of your own, or share in the comments how it's going for you.

I admit, I've allowed my husband to go on the back burner of life. It's not that we don't connect or that I feel distant from him. But I don't make intentional steps to purposefully connect with him. Not lately. Not in the last 5 years...or some obnoxious amount of time. Having children consistently can really shift your focus, you know?

Accountability is crucial for me and turning it into a community endeavor makes it more likely that I will follow through. Plus, it's always more fun to do things with friends! I'm sure we can bounce some awesome ideas off each other and spur one another on!!

One of the things that's really motivating for me, is when the author writes things like

"We all have projects that we start enthusiastically and never manage to finish. Don't let this happen to you with The Husband Project."

I want to make this a real commitment. I want to come alongside you as you come alongside me, and we hold one another up and encourage each other.

Let's not make this just "another book club". Let's really dig in and make this count for our marriage. Let's make it the beginning of a life long habit that we will continue long after the book is read.

Make it a priority. Reading the book will be the easy part. If you already have the book, I encourage you to begin reading it and jotting down your own ideas. If you have a blog, start drafting posts on your own thoughts so you can link up in the coming weeks.

Aren't our husbands worth it? Isn't our marriage worth fighting for?

With the divorce rate at about 50%, we need to step it up. Divorce is not a word in my marriage vocabulary. But for others, it is a very real possibility. I'll save the "why's" for another post.

For now, sign up to join The Husband Project and let's make some new habits!

Next week I'll have a timeline posted for the duration of this project and more details about what you can expect and what you should read when.

Who's in?

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