The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children

Today's guest post is by Angela of Angela's Analysis.


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Some of the sweetest words I hear my kids often say to me are “mom, will you pray for me?”  It might be before a recital they are nervous about or a thunderstorm brewing outside that causes fear in one of them, or just because something is on their heart.  One thing they know they can ALWAYS count on is that mom will pray for them and I will continue to do so until my dying last breath.

The greatest gift we can give to our children is our prayers.  I believe the prayers that come from mothers are powerful ones and we should never under estimate them.   God knows our hearts and our children better than we do and HE is faithful to answer.  We see the power of prayer of Hannah and many other mothers in the Bible that prayed about their children.

We always remember to pray for our children’s health, behavior, and salvation.  Let us not forget to pray about their future.  Some great things to pray about for your children

  1. Our children’s spouses.  My children are still young, 12, 8, and 7 but that does not keep me from praying for their future spouses.  I don’t know who they are but God does.  I pray most of all that they know Jesus as Savior and that they will be prepared to be all that God wants them to be for my sons and daughter.  That they will love their in-laws and they will fulfill their roles in their marriage as leader (to my daughter) and help meets to my sons.
  2. What is God’s will for my children?  Not my will or their grandparents will or anyone else’s but God.  What does God want them to do for a living or ministry?  I pray God prepares them for HIS calling on their lives whatever that is.
  3. That not only my children love the Lord and accept HIM as Savior as children but I pray they will never walk from their faith as they grow into young men and women.  I pray that they will always walk with HIM and even though life will give those twists and turns, joys and sorrows they will always know Jesus has them in his hand and they will seek HIM in everything.
  4. I pray for their friends and relationship with their siblings.
  5. I also pray for their health and safety.  That God keeps them well and safe in such an uncertain world.

You can pray specific scriptures over your children too, I have prayed specific scriptures over my children that are struggling with a character issue and I’m always amazed how quickly I often see the hearts of my children change right before my eyes.   One of my favorite times to pray for my children is when they sleep, just to lay my hands on them and pray God’s blessing and protection and much more at times.

Prayer is such a wonderful thing, given to us by God to communicate our cares, and praises.  Don’t forget to set aside time to pray for those children given to you by HIM, in a culture that is declining quickly we want to make sure our families are prayed over in every way.  Make sure that you are praying for their future as well as what they are going through today.  It is never too early.

What are some things you pray about for your children?


Angela Richter is a wife and a work at home homeschooling mom to three children.  She enjoys sharing her faith, homeschooling, family and product reviews on her blog at Angela’s Analysis!  She is also known as a resource junkie who loves to share with family and friends all about the great books, curriculum, blogs, and anything else she can read about.  She has a real heart for encouraging moms in homeschooling, parenting, and teaching children about character.  She is a member of the Old Schoolhouse Speakers Bureau and loves when she has the opportunity to share her heart with women’s groups.  You can find her at Angela's Analysis.