The Girls First Connection with Us {on Adoption}

Last month I shared how we were sending care packages over to our girls with a family who was traveling to Ghana. Not only did they take photos of the presentation, but they also had someone video the whole thing. Oh what a sweet gift it was to see our precious girls connect with us for the first time!

I imagine what must have gone through their minds. I'm sure they were struck with uncertainty and fear mixed with a bit of excitement. Maybe they don't fully comprehend what is going on, yet maybe they do have a firm grasp on it.

All I know is now that they know about us and what we look like, and it keeps me wondering--do they think about us? Do they imagine a different life? Are they happy where they are? Many of their pictures suggest they are happy.

I hope and pray they will be happy here, too. All we want to do is love on them, give them people to call family, and offer them an opportunity. An opportunity for a life they may not have otherwise had--not necessarily because of where they live, but because of their own history which is no fault of their own.

I am actually completely open to the idea that when they are grown women, they may go home to their native land to help the people there. It would certainly be a noble calling!! And maybe we may just go with them! Hey, the thought doesn't seem so far fetched from where I'm standing.

Whatever the case, God has placed such a love in my heart for these precious girls that it aches to be apart from them. He's teaching me something here, about His love for me.

Adoption is not far from any of us. We are all adopted children--loved just as deeply as God's own Son is loved by Him. Even when we are far from Him, it cannot stop His love for us. Feeling what that's like really helps me to understand it better.

So as we wait and pray through the months ahead, God is teaching me about His love for me in the most tangible and deep way through this adoption. We pray for our hearts to be prepared and that the hearts of these precious girls would be also. But I do not want to miss what He has for me during the process of waiting.

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