The Gift of Being a Woman

In The Resolution for Women, Priscilla touches a bit on biblical womanhood and the post-feminism movement. This section could be a book {or two} in and of itself. Everyone has their own definition of what feminism is, especially the women who are a part of that movement. But I believe there are varying degrees of feminism. From the rights of women, to the dominion of women.

Many people see biblical womanhood as restricting and confined.

And I say, so be it.

Other people's definition of what God has called me, as a woman, to be is inconsequential. It doesn't sway the calling or role I've been given in humanity, or in my family. We have been given a great gift to be a woman. We are able to do what man cannot: carry and birth children. And that's only the beginning.

What more could one want to be set apart? Woman is uniquely designed, but so is man. God has specifically purposed each sex to fulfill a role in creation. Wanting to fulfill the role of a man--isn't that denying femininity, not embracing it? Neither men nor women got to choose their role. It was given to us. What will we do with it?

Shall we cast it off or live it to it's fullest?

I choose to fully embrace the gift of woman as woman. A woman who depends on God and trusts His provision. A woman who loves and supports her husband, because I love him, and love is not self-seeking. A woman who gives her all to her children because I love them and want the absolute best for them. If that's not satisfying to the outsider's looking in, that's OK, because I'm not trying to impress or please them.

Did you know that Satan has a special hatred for woman?

And I will put enmity between [Satan] and the woman... Genesis 3:15

So, it's not an accident when people and principalities come up against women. It's not really the people, it's the principality--the supernatural powers that rise against God.

It's not an accident when we hear lies, even from ourselves, that we are worthless and will never measure up.

That we are less than beautiful and who would want to love us?

The role of woman is so important, Satan does whatever he can to tear her down. The role of woman as woman, not acting as a man.

Woman is beautiful as woman. She is unique and highly valuable as woman. She is needed to be a humble helper for her husband and graceful mother to her children.

Woman is beautifully and fully feminine as fully woman.

In the next couple weeks we'll uncover a little more of the mystery of a woman's soul and her role.

And a quick FYI: being fully feminine does not mean you have to love {or even like} pink and only wear dresses {or skirts}. ;)

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