The Dig for Kids {Large Giveaway}!

I am so excited to share this children's Bible study with you!

My friend Ruth over at The Better Mom has been a great support to her husband, Patrick, who has put together and launched this amazing Bible study for children.

It was so perfectly timed when it launched because I was just getting ready to begin the book of Luke with my children during breakfast. What a GREAT way to break up the book and apply practical lessons to it!

The Dig is broken down into four simple sections.

The Map

This section gives you a short summary of what the lesson is and what you're about to learn.

The Dig

The is the main passage of scripture you'll be "digging" into. There are a few questions that follow that are easily adapted or don't even need to be used if you want to give your children an opportunity for a more open-ended narration. The questions help to guide my younger children, while my eldest can narrate freely.

The Treasure

This is what you want your children to remember from the study. The one thing they will take away that day.

The Display

This is applying the truth to your life and helping your children do the same, in a practical way. This is where we teach them to walk out their faith in the everyday.

I'm so excited about this study, I already asked Ruth when the next volume is coming out!!

This volume has 51 lessons, which is plenty to keep your children engaged for many weeks!

Right now, Amazon is offering the Kindle version for only $0.99!!!! Today is the last day so get it while you can!

If you prefer the PDF you can get it here for $4.99 (that's what I have, even though I own a Kindle). :P

Now for the giveaway!

This is a very special giveaway. You see, not only am I giving away THREE copies of The Dig for Kids, but a host of other eBooks and discipleship resources as well!

Prizes include:

3 Copies of The Dig for Kids by Patrick Schwenk

2 Copies of Educating the WholeHearted Child By Clay and Sally Clarkson

Passport to Purity Getaway Kit by Dennis and Barbara Rainey

The Brother-Offended Checklist by Doorposts (will be sharing about this on Monday!)

Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel

A Confident Heart by Renee Swope

Real {Fast} Food by Trina Holden

31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae

Frumps to Pumps by Sarah Me

How to Market and Sell Your eBook by Sarah Mae

Today is Your Best Day by Roy Lessin


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Tomorrow I will share with you a wonderful weekend getaway curriculum put out by Family Life called Passport to Purity. I'm giving away one of those in here, too. So your one entry qualifies you for any one of these prizes (one per person).

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