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I'm so excited to dig through this study with you!! Not only do I resonate with Sarah Mae in so much of what she has to say, I cling to what Sally says as a source of hope. Sally is such an angel. She and I may not have an intimate mentoring relationship like her and Sarah Mae, but she is definitely my mentor from afar. So next week we will begin the study, officially, but I encourage you to read the Introduction by Ann Voskamp if you haven't yet. So beautiful. So raw and in the moment.

I want this time shared in this space to be more than "just a book club". Desperate addresses real issues that real mothers face and I want this to be a place where we can be raw and honest about our struggles and encourage one another.

I also want to boldly challenge you in different ways that will cause you to step out and reach out to people in your church who can help you, or whom you can help. We are all in such different seasons that you'd be surprised at who you might be able to encourage, even while needing encouragement yourself.

You may need help with an adolescent while someone else needs potty training tips. You may need help with carpooling while another mother could use an hour or two to herself, so you allow her to bring her toddler over to play. This isn't merely about packing more information about motherhood into our minds and tucking it away. It's about getting real about our struggles with it and admitting we need real help.

Our culture relishes in its independence, but the truth is, we were never created to do things on our own. God designed us, not only to rely on Him, but to rely on one another--the body of Christ. The hardest part is simply admitting--"I need help."

In other cultures, such as African and Indian (as in, India) cultures, raising children is not done solely by the mom and dad. Aunts and grandmothers and older children are a large part of the family equation.

Somehow we've believed a lie that we are "less than mothers" if we aren't doing it alone. We believe since it was our choice to have children, and have this many children,  we should be expected to handle it on our own.

This is a complete and utter lie. God never said we had to mother alone.

If you read throughout the Scriptures, in Proverbs 31 specifically, you'll notice this woman was not alone in her work. She had servants. No wonder she was able to accomplish so much!

Allow this book to be a springboard to change your thinking about motherhood.

Motherhood is hard and we are not expected to go through it alone. <--{Click to Tweet}

Here is how our schedule will look:

Read Chapters 1 & 2 - January 21-27

January 28: Discuss Chapters 1 & 2 January 28-Feb. 3: Read Chapters 3 & 4

February 4: Discuss Chapters 3 & 4 February 4-10: Read Chapters 5 & 6

February 11: Discuss Chapters 5 & 6 February 11-17: Read Chapters 7 & 8

February 18: Discuss Chapters 7 & 8 February 18-24: Read Chapters 9 & 10

February 25: Discuss Chapters 9 & 10 February 25-March 3: Read Chapters 11 & 12

March 4: Discuss Chapters 11 & 12 March 4-10: Read Chapters 13-14

March 11: Discuss Chapters 13 & 14

March 17: Q & A

If you haven't gotten your book yet, you can get it here---> click here to buy Desperate or here for the Nook version.

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