The Condition of Your Heart

Well, really, I'm going to talk about the condition of my heart, since only God and perhaps you know the condition of your heart. However, I hope that sharing my experience will help you draw clues as to your own heart's condition. You see, I didn't realize until this morning just how bad off the condition of my heart is. Don't get me wrong - I understand fully that I'm a sinner. It's the one thing I'm really good at. But what I learned this morning was the realization that I've been believing lies and these lies have affected the way I live and the way I raise my children, among other things.

For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

In my heart I've been harboring the lie that has caused me to be critical, frustrated, angry and unhappy--mostly with myself. These traits have most often come out on my children.

The lie is that I've been believing that if I don't do everything right, God will not accept me. There is another word for this. It's called perfectionism.

This attitude has subconsciously carried over into my parenting and onto my children. But, rather than try to "fix" my parenting, I need to allow God to remove these lies from my heart so I can live freely again. My parenting will transform as a result.

I think I keep trying to do things backwards. Trying to change things on the outside (what I speak) before getting to the root of the problem inside (what I think).

In order to be set free from the lies, I need to believe God's word.

It seems obvious that if we read God's Word, we believe it. But I've found that's not always true. We can read the Bible and believe it - but we believe God is talking to someone else, and not us. That's the problem I have. I struggle with believing God's Word on a personal level.

God spoke to me last night about my tone of voice. As a result of the above lies, my tone with my family is almost always harsh. :( Hey, I'm just keeping it real and being honest. Do I like this fact? Definitely not.

So, God spoke to me last night and told me when I speak, my voice should be that of a beautiful song; an uplifting song. Even as I discipline. My tone of voice should bring harmony to my home.

We've heard it said many times over, the mother/wife sets the tone of the home.

What tone are you setting in your home through your voice?

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