The Call to Homeschool

It's the million dollar question: Why do you homeschool? Aren't you afraid your children won't learn social skills or be able to interact with other children their age? Don't you need a degree to homeschool? Those are the most common questions I get anyways. It's understandable since it goes against what's normal in culture.

But what if you're the one wrestling with whether or not you should homeschool. I know some people, particularly Christians, believe people homeschool out of fear. Some believe that our children need to engage with a lost world and learn to interact with it, in hopes that their peers will come to know Jesus.

This is what I say: We are called to obedience to God, not man. I'm not saying God requires that everyone homeschools. I am saying He requires everyone to obey. Whether that is to homeschool or not.

As strong as my convictions are for my family to homeschool, I cannot say that God requires that of every family. I just don't know if that's true or not.

So, how do you know if God is telling you to homeschool?

Knowing God does want you to homeschool doesn't mean you'll have all the support you need or have all the answers upfront. It doesn't mean you'll feel 100% confident in your abilities. It doesn't mean your finances are in order or you have enough space in your home.

So if you're trying to make a decision based on anything that is in your control, you may be missing God's voice for your family. Sometimes, God asks obedience of us before He equips us. Sometimes, we won't find that peace until we've surrendered our own will to His.

When my daughter was 3, I was looking into charter schools in the area; getting ready to put her on a waiting list so she was sure to get in on time. That's when I began to hear God whispering, "homeschool her." I wasn't homeschooled and the only interaction I ever had with a homeschooler was a boy who was really mean to me when I was in middle school. So I never gave that option any thought.

I began to fret about my lack of abilities and knowledge. It wasn't until I stopped fighting and finally obeyed that I found that peace and confidence. God sent people to encourage me and build up my abilities! It wasn't until after I obeyed that everything fell into place. But it wasn't immediate, either.

My daughter is now almost 10 years old and we have not lacked in anything. God has equipped us with everything we need, and we've had 4 more children in that time as well. He continuously confirms His decision for us to homeschool.

My encouragement and challenge for you is this: turn down the voice of everyone else, including the voice of self, and see if you can't hear what God is speaking to you. Let all the worries and "what if's" go and just listen.

Sometimes, we need to let go of the voice of our own "reason" and simply trust that God knows what He's doing. A great example of such a story is Erin from Home With the Boys. She didn't "plan" on homeschooling. The reasons why are inconsequential. The point is she obeyed, even before she had all the answers.

Again, this is if God is actually calling you--don't resist. He'll just chase you down anyways! ;)

Trust that He knows what He's doing, even if you don't understand it.

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