The Brother-Offended Checklist

Last week I did a lesson with my children in offense--how to handle it according to the Bible, whether you're the offended or the offender.

I picked this study up from Doorposts; a wonderful, Christian familypublisher.

I have several of their materials and none of them have disappointed.

The Brother-Offended Checklist comes with the lesson book and a chart you can hang on the wall. It goes through the steps of how to handle a conflict when it arises.

My children were surprisingly receptive to this study. We had been having some pretty regular (read: daily) sibling conflicts that typically resulted in screaming and someone crying in the end.

I think they were just as eager for the tools to solve these disputes as I was!

This short study helps children recognize their own hearts and teaches them to act in loving ways--even if they are being wronged.

These aren't just important lessons for children, but for life! It's important we teach our children at a young age how to handle offense, because it is inevitable.

In this particular part of the lesson, I was teaching the children about removing the plank from their own eye. In order to give them a visual of what this really looked like, I went out to the garage, where just a few weeks before my husband and cousin built the benches for our kitchen table, and grabbed a block of wood and some saw dust that was leftover on the work table.

This really helped my children understand what it means to have "plank" in your eye. You can't see! It's an important lesson in repentance and restoring the relationship with their sibling and with Jesus.

If you've entered the giveaway I started last week, you're entered for a chance to win this study.

I also highly recommend all other products by Doorposts, which I'll be sharing more of in the future. You can find them on Facebook here, where they often announce sales from their store and giveaways that they run on their awesome blog.

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