The Breakfast Challenge - Week 4

This week I'm wrapping up the Breakfast Challenge. I will continue to work toward my goals and hope they will become habits in the next month.

Creating a foundation at the breakfast table is actually rather important to me and I won't give up without a fight. While waking up early is getting easier and easier, the other elements still need work so I won't necessarily have to *think* about doing them; they'll just come naturally.

I did make pancakes one day and eggs, toast, and bacon another day. So, I did reach my goal this week of 2-3 days, but, I'd like to work on doing that more days in the week. So, as I continue to wake up each morning before the children, read the Bible during breakfast, offer a hot meal a few mornings each week, I will be adding the final goal which is to work toward: immediate clean up.

I don't take the time immediately after breakfast to clean up and wipe off the table and make certain it and the kitchen are ready for the next meal. Typically I wait to clean it off until I need to use it again which proves to be frustrating every time.

Throughout the month of August I'll be sharing about how I'm going to set up our home school year, share some of our materials and encourage those of you who need some direction to make a plan of action for the upcoming year. There will also be a giveaway of my FAVORITE home school resource ever!

In September, I will be working through the Lunch Challenge, which I think will be even more challenging then The Breakfast Challenge!

What habit would you like to implement during your breakfast time? What's stopping you?!