Terrible Tuesday

October 7

To put it bluntly, I woke up exhausted Tuesday. In fact, I just didn't feel like myself. You know what pregnancy exhaustion feels like? Yea, it was beyond that. (No, I'm not pregnant). I drank a cup of coffee. Then another. Still felt exhausted. I felt so heavy. I wondered how in the world I was going to homeschool. My brain just felt so foggy and unfocused.

My husband and I think my workout on Sunday caught up to me. Apparently it's going to take some time adjusting my body to this new routine. In the mean time, though, I had to deal with this day. This day, my responsibilities felt so very heavy on my shoulders. I felt like I wasn't allowed to feel awful, I have too much to do!

I made the best decision for all of us -- I let the kids watch movies. And you know what? It was refreshing for them as well. They needed the break as much as me. We turned on Netflix and, to my delight, they had just added one of my childhood favorites: Pippi Longstocking. On it went...and the kids loved it!

Once dinner time rolled around, again I felt overwhelmed. I just wanted to crawl in bed and sleep. What to do. What to do. "OK children. It's 'fend for yourself for dinner' tonight. Whatever you can whip up in the oven or microwave is yours! Older children, help the younger ones."

I had a phone meeting at 6pm and my husband still needed to eat. When he got home, I gave him my Paypal card and told him he could buy the two of us fast food. (I know, it's a problem).

So, I went upstairs to my room with my laptop and phone and did my 30-minute phone meeting. Then I got ready to leave because I had hip-hop practice to go to, but first needed to attend another meeting on Google Hangout right before class. So I just carried my laptop along with me to do the meeting there. I still wanted to crawl in bed and sleep at this point.

I arrived at the dance studio and set up my laptop and had about a 45 minute meeting. Then went to hip hop class and pretended I knew how to dance hip hop -- with my two left feet.

I came home really tired, but after a full day, even an exhausted body needs to wind down from the day before trying to sleep. So, on goes Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And I fell asleep. With my mouth open. Hubby said I snored, too. Nice, huh? :P

I made my way up the stairs and fell into bed, worried the next day would be just as bad...I felt like I could sleep for two days.

31 Days 2014