A Simple Money Management Tool

This is a sponsored post. I received this app free from the company in exchange for my honest review and compensated for time spent working with the product and formulating my review. All opinions are mine and are not required to be positive in nature. Money Skills for Middle and High School

Second Nature Learning has just released an app to help middle and high school students learn money management through budgeting.

My 11-year old was more then happy to dig into this.

We were both very pleased with the app, what it taught, and how well it conveyed the "what" and "how to" of money management for middle and high school students to understand.

Personal Finance and Budgeting

There are 6 segments in this app. to help your child learn and understand personal finance and budgeting. In order for them to know how to spend money, they need to understand a few basic, but crucial, foundations.

The Budgeteer App covers these:

  1. the Pre-Quiz
  2. Needs and Wants
  3. Income and Expenses
  4. Setting Goals
  5. Creating a Budget
  6. Post Quiz

The directions and illustrations were very clear and when my daughter did have a question, it was easily clarified by me.

Budgeteer App

An Important Life Skill

Money management is often a neglected part of teaching as our children get older. I was never taught about money management growing up. It was something I had to learn the hard way. But this is a crucial life skill our children will need to understand and experience before they are released into the world.

Things to Love

  • It is multi-platform, so you can download it on your phone, tablet, PC, etc.
  • This app focuses on habit building. There are real hands on tools to help your child create goals and financial responsibility, and see their progress.
  • This is one of a series of Apps to help your middle and high school students build solid financial habits
  • Takes only about an hour to complete the content
  • Includes budgeting tool
  • Simple enough for your child to work through independently

Please note: This Android app works best for 10.1" tablets and requires wifi. This app is available for Android and just recently released on iTunes!

You can buy the app for just $3.99.

Get it for Android here

Get it for Apple here

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