Renewed Fellowship With Christ {a Testimony}

Balcony by brotherscott, on Pix-O-SphereLast week I had a strange incident happen in which my back suffered a strange surge of pain. I wrote about it in detail in a post called A Grumbling Spirit. I recommend reading it to understand the magnitude of the following testimony.

Sunday morning during praise and worship time, I told my husband my back was nagging me and felt weak on one side. It was pretty uncomfortable standing there, but I did so anyways. {If you read A Grumbling Spirit, you'll understand why}. Shortly after, my husband felt lead to go to the altar and worship. It was simply an act of surrender.  Soon after I had that same compelling leading, so I went. I was so nervous, heart pounding, because this wasn't a typical practice at this church. I tried to remain focused on just Him and nothing else.

By the end of praise and worship, my back felt noticeably better. In fact, it felt wholly better! I didn't go up for healing, just to worship. But I left whole.

After the experience I just got this sense that my fellowship with Christ had been renewed. My ingratitude and complaining spirit had put a divider in our relationship. After that morning, it was restored.

I wanted to share this testimony of God in my life with all of you. :) He is amazing, no?

A Small Testimony of My God

I want to share a little bit about myself with you. Specifically about my faith. Many of my posts have focused on how inadequate I feel. Today, I just want to leave all that behind and focus on none other than God. God is more than just some far off being to me. In fact, He is very personal. I'll be the first to admit that when people attack my God, I take it very personal. Not because I feel attacked, but because He is. God pulled me from a life that was headed toward disaster. More than that, He sent Jesus so that He and I would not be forever separated. I feel very protective of Him. Not that He needs my protection, I mean, He is God. He is more than capable of fighting His own battles.

It's just that, after seeing what He did for all mankind, it tears my heart to shreds to see how mankind treats Him. Myself included at times. Even we, as Christians, bicker and argue over the most trite things. Granted, some things are rather serious, but other things are just simply unnecessary and are only good for causing division. It pains me that we [myself included] have a lack of real devotion to Him. That we no longer understand what it means to fear Him.

I didn't come to Jesus because He would somehow enhance my life. I came to Jesus because I knew I was [am] a sinner and in need a Savior. I knew I had done wrong against my Maker. Everything good that follows is just icing on the cake. I realize that God makes many promises to us for a fulfilling life and that's all wonderful, but He did not promise there would be no hardships. Fulfilling is not equaled to easy. As a matter of fact, the more we sow into something, the more fulfilling it is--pending it is in God's will.

God has shown Himself in my life in more ways than I can count. This is a large reason why I journal. I keep a record of many of the ways God has made Himself known in my own life. I admit, there was a season when it was so much easier to focus on Him and see Him simply because life was less complex.

Yesterday I wrote a little bit about the Bible being the inspired Word of God. If you are a skeptic of the Bible and it's validity it was a weak post or "argument". If you do believe in the Bible being the inspired Word of God, the information was obvious.  So, why didn't I pull out some historical proofs that the Bible is in fact God's Holy Word; infallible and perfect? Well, because I don't need that much convincing. (Plus, I've done that type of research in the past when fear has crept in).

The Bible is just as established as any other historical document. It has been proven by even non-Christian historians. People don't believe because they choose not to believe -- even when the evidence is staring them in face. I believe even without the evidence. To many people the idea may seem ludicrous. It is not my job to give proof of God's existence. He does that on His own. It is not my job to soften a hardened heart. It is not even my job to convert people.

My job is to simply tell. Tell of the miracles He's done in my life; of the changes He's made in my heart; the direction He's given me and destination it's lead me to. Most importantly, to tell why people need Him. Not to puff me up or put any kind of spotlight on me. But to show His glory. My goal is to give Him glory and make His glory known.

Let's glorify Him with our testimonies. They were never meant to remain hidden. Our testimonies (witness), are really His.

How has God made His glory known to you recently?


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