Menu Planning Woes

Good gracious it has been a busy week. Unfortunately, it kind of goes along with the territory of having 5 children, running a home, homeschooling, being in youth ministry, and running a blog. :D I did find it extra challenging to find time to plan my menu this week. I also had a hard time with actually planning my menu. I could not think of enough dinners to fill two weeks! We have been in and out of meals and I have left out several that the majority of the family didn't like. This leaves me with a greater challenge. I also need to be careful not to make too many tomato "saucy" foods because it becomes bothersome to my husband. So, this left me in a tough place: a need to research, without time left to do it. In the mean time I will have to work with what I have. So, here it is:



The planner I'm working on is from ListPlanIt's "Meals" ePlanner. I typed into the planner on my computer and then printed it out. What I loved about the ePlanner was that I could work on it, save it, and come back to it later. I didn't have to worry about misplacing the pages somewhere (which seems to be a trend around here)!

Also included in the Meals ePlanner:

  • Breakfast and Lunch planners
  • Meal Inventory by day and by category
  • Planner by Ingrediant
  • Monthly meal planner
  • Grocery lists set up by ingredients, category, aisle, plus more!
  • Favorite Recipes
  • Pantry Inventory
  • Plus more

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