Naming 2011 - My One Word

{I am also being featured at {in}courage today} There are so many things God knows I need help on. However, there is one common thread that runs through everything I am, and it's something I fight for on a daily basis. But, I have not armed or equipped myself properly for the battle.

2011 will be a year of equipping myself as well as being mindful and intentional about fighting the fight.

It will be my year of


Joy is not something that comes easily for me. It's a fight But I haven't been as equipped as I should be. I am not prepared, even though day after day I face the same challenges. Day after day I'm not armed and often find myself shot down. Defeated.

This year will be a year of change--a year of joy.

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Most every goal I've made this year points to joy. My mission statement conveys joy:

"To be lost in God, devoted to serve, and a recipient of grace & joy. To be a joyful help meet who is supportive and ambitious; to be intentional about making our home a peaceful haven. To be a joy-filled mother who graces her children in word & action; to be attentive, consistent, & diligent in teaching and training. To be a passionate writer for God, using my messy life as a testimony for His glory."

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In order to fight for joy, I must take deliberate steps to win that fight, each and every day. Such steps include:

  • Memorizing scripture. Hiding God's word in my heart gives me ammunition to defeat the lies of the enemy.
  • Practicing joy-filled speech & tone. As I memorize scriptures on joy, it should be in the front of my mind on a consistent basis. This will allow me to take careful heed to the words that come out of my mouth and how they are spoken. That doesn't mean I have to constantly act vibrant and over do it. It simply means my words are grace words. My tone is soft-spoken.
  • Reading God's word and praying regularly. I read God's word, but not regularly. What happens is, I read for a while and become complacent, believing that I've gotten my "fill of strength". Then you know what happens? I become drained of my "fill" and become SO weak that I struggle to even pick up my Bible again. I need God's strength consistently, constantly, and regularly.

These are all goals I've already put into my year. But since I know JOY is my ultimate goal, it will constantly be at the forefront of my mind. (Or at least it should be!)

Even if joy is to be a lifelong battle that I need to fight for, I need the tools to do it so that I can at least be in a fair battle. This constant defeating is enough to tear and crush a person's spirit. My family needs me whole. God desires joy in His children - no matter the circumstances. I find I struggle with it even in times of plenty.

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Scripture Memorization

I knew I wanted to write on scripture memorization today, but wasn't sure what I was going to say. I hadn't had a chance to sit down and really think on it (and still really don't have a lot of time). However, I did want to share that scripture memorization has been on my mind lately. I kept trying to explain away why we don't need to memorize scripture, as long as we are consistently in the Word.

But I'm starting to see how wrong that is. Because I realize that one reason I continue to believe lies I'm being told (either by myself, by others, or by satan) is because I don't have God's word hidden in my heart. It is not readily available for me to combat those lies.

When I believe that I shouldn't accept grace because I'm not worthy, I can recall that grace is given to me as a gift, even though I don't deserve it. But God wants me to receive this gift.

"For the wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life, in Christ Jesus our Lord." Rom. 6:23

(I memorized that verse from listening to Seeds Family Worship. I couldn't tell you any verses on grace).

Psalm 119:105 by christin, on Pix-O-Sphere

It's a lie that we don't need to memorize scripture because we need to "hide God's Word in our hearts, so that we might not sin against Him". (Psalm 119:11).

To know things by heart, we must meditate and mull over them again and again.

It is through memorizing scripture that I will know Him by heart.

Journey with me?

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