How Can I Find Delight in Motherhood?

Motherhood is hard and requires we recognize our responsibilities and obligations, not only to our children but to God. Yep, we have responsibilities under God. They are prevalent throughout scripture.

Basing our joy on our own performance will leave us shortchanged every single time. Joy doesn't last on the performance of people or the circumstances of our lives. ~Christin Slade

The Delight of Motherhood

But there is a delight in fulfilling that duty. And our ultimate delight in motherhood comes from our delight in the Lord. If you desire to be a delightful mother, you must delight in Him first!

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

There is so much joy in motherhood. And honestly, I am writing this after a rather trying day of being a mother. But I'm learning that where we find our joy is the key to making it an ongoing blessing in our lives.

Finding joy in my children's behavior alone is only going to take me on a roller coaster ride...where there will most likely be way more downs than ups.

Our children are going through a growing and maturing process just like we are. They will never be perfect and basing our joy on their outward behavior will only leave us empty and without joy. In addition, what kind of weight do we put on our children to have joy only when they are well-behaved or doing all-the-things-right?

Basing our joy on our own performance will leave us shortchanged every single time. Joy doesn't last on the performance of people or the circumstances of our lives.

More specifically, our delight as mothers should never be found in our understanding of our own perfection.

So where can I find this lasting joy? This joy that doesn't rest on my children's behavior or my performance?

Delight in the Lord

Joy is from the Lord when we have our eyes fixed on Him. Joy is found when we recognize our purpose is from Him and not our own personal endeavors or desires.

He doesn't just give it -- joy is in Him. When we seek Him and understand our great need for Him due to our own sin, we recognize the greatest gift we could ever receive is life with God. We will never find lasting joy if we don't see it in God our Father.

Job raises some great questions,

Will they find delight in the Almighty? Will they call on God at all times? -Job 27:10

Delight in motherhood can come from that deep understanding, embracing, and walking out of the role God has given to us, but only after recognizing our life is in Him. 

I know that my joy can easily be stolen when I depend on it from the wrong places.

I delight in motherhood when I delight in Him, first.

For His Glory,


How to Turn Pain into Purpose

How can I see past my pain to know that God cares? How will I know my pain won't be wasted?

When someone (or something) hurts you and the pain runs deep, how can you process it and deal with it without making matters worse? How can one understand the purpose of pain in the midst of it? Don't let your emotions lead you into a disaster. Pray through them. Let God help you sort them out and ease them. Most importantly, wait on the Lord.

This might be the hardest thing to do in the middle of feeling rejected or worthless. Sometimes our emotions just want to take over which can only add to the problem.

But, when you give your pain to God, He transforms it which in turn transforms you.

Pain can run deep and feelings of betrayal, anger, resentment, and rejection can creep up. We may even feel justified by our stance. I don't believe it's a sin to feel. I truly believe God gave us emotions for an important reason, but it wasn't to lead us or define us.

They are a gauge into our own hearts. Emotions can become ugly because they make us realize where our hearts truly lie. Yet they can be an asset to teach us compassion.

Rejected Because of Christ

The Bible talks about being rejected because of Christ (Luke 10:16). Not because someone didn't like your idea or disagrees with how you discipline. That's not the same thing.

Being rejected because of Christ is being rejected because you love Truth and follow Him. Jesus' ways can be offensive.

Think about what a privilege it is to be in such a place. {But be careful not to believe you are there through self-righteousness or false beliefs}.

The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name. Acts 5:41

Um, what?!

Following Christ can be controversial and make others uncomfortable when you talk about "dying to self" and "selling everything to give to the poor". In fact, it can make me, uncomfortable!

But isn't that the point?

Living for Christ isn't a comfortable life. It was never meant to be. Even if you're not living for the Lord, you will still experience pain at some point in your life.

God Suffered Pain

God will use your pain; it will not be wasted. But you must wait on Him and pray through your thoughts which can deceive you. Your pain does not mean God doesn't love you or care; it means we live in a fallen world where people sin. All people.

God knows pain. He knows betrayal. He knows denial. His pain brought redemption for all who believe.

You may not know at the time how He will redeem your pain, but you can be sure you can trust Him.

There could be something greater in the works that you cannot see, and how you handle this type of conflict can have an impact on this change.

Sometimes we just cannot see what's beyond the pain, but when we wait on the Lord, He will ease that pain and use it.

In fact, sometimes we don't even fully understand the pain and it's purpose until we look back. This is a key reason it's so important to cling to Christ during these times and trust that He has it sorted, regardless of the circumstances.

So how can we turn our pain into purpose?

We give it to God and trust Him with it. We get on our knees and pour that hurt out right at His feet. Because He cares for you and every tear you cry.

Maybe that sounds oversimplified for how deep your pain goes, but I assure you, there is no better place to release your pain. There is no One better to comfort you. He may not give you all the answers you seek, but He can offer you peace, comfort, and joy again. He wants to.

For His Glory,

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Sometimes we just cannot see what's beyond the pain, but when we wait on the Lord, He will ease that pain and use it.