Welcome and Intro {Beautiful Battle}


I've decided that with the busyness of summer, we're going to postpone this study until the Fall. I don't want people to miss out who want to join but can't. Thanks so much for understanding!!!

Are you ready to dig deep?

Mary DeMuth and I are going to take you through some deep places on this study. Spiritual warfare is something that is often overlooked or undermined. People either don't take it seriously, or don't believe it exists.

I assure you it does.

As I read chapter one, I was floored at the first example Mary shares about her own life. I went through something similar and it is a tough reality to face.

Next week, I will share the story with you.

This week I want to lay the foundation of how you can expect this study to go.

Consider today the introduction. Today I will give you instructions on what we're going to do next week, and tell you how long the study is going to run.

The votes last week were unanimous to do one chapter per week. There are 24 short chapters--totally doable, even for me!

So the study will run from June 20th (when we write/share/read about chapter 1). The last day, pending no emergencies happen in the middle, will be November 28th. Just in time for Christmas!!

Honestly, though, we can unpack this book and learn a lot. I think too often we're in a hurry to rush through things without fully diving in and getting the most out of them.

So let's take the time. Let's use this time to really learn about ourselves and learn from one another. More importantly, let's learn about what rises against us and seeks to throw us off the narrow road. This is really a sweet opportunity in so many ways.

Each Wednesday, I will have a link up. There is no pressure, but I want to encourage you to share your thoughts about the chapter on your own blog as a type of accountability.

If you aren't comfortable sharing in community, but need someone to share with, email someone.

I look forward to diving into this journey with you. Below is the list of dates and what we'll be discussing:

June 20: Our Story

June 27: Satan's Story

July 4: The Right Story

July 11: Living the Right Story

July 18: So What Is the Right Story?

July 25: Breathing Prayer

August 1: Loving Truth

August 8: Practicing Risk

August 15: Slaying Idols

August 22: Worshiping God

August 29: Living the Bible

September 5: Embracing Rest

September 12: Chasing Healing

September 19: When Fear Rushes In

September 26: When Christians Hurt You

October 3: When Your Mind Attacks

October 10: When Your Family Faces a Battle

October 17: When Sin and Addictions Threaten

October 24: When the Mouth Becomes a Weapon

October 31: When Overt Attack Assails You

November 7: Overcoming in Community

November 14: Mountains and Valleys

November 21: Finding Abundance and Perspective

November 28: Go Forth!

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