Breaking the Bondage of Addiction {A 40-Day Sugar Fast}

Sugar addiction is a real thing and it's effects are both physical and spiritual. When we rely on sugar to comfort us, we never leave satisfied and always go back for more. Be free and fulfilled by giving your burdens to God instead.

Health and exercise isn't something I talk about on this blog and don't plan to make it a regular topic {at this point}, but there is something to be said about the link between eating well and exercising and living a full life, which definitely affects the life of a Christian spiritually and physically.

I have always gone back and forth with exercising and eating better. While I don't eat bad meals, my vice is sugar. While we were going through our adoption process, especially throughout 2013 and half of 2014, sugar was used as a comfort mechanism. I couldn't control the adoption process and it was a very difficult thing for me mentally. So I comforted myself in eating cookies most every single night. 

My husband and I would buy those break n bake's from the store and eat about 6 of them each. Then when we got bored of those, we switched to ice cream. (My favorite is mint chocolate chip--so the above picture is very personal). Every night. Now at night, I get these awful sugar cravings. The sugar has made me feel sluggish, forgetful, and moody. The vice is both physical and spiritual, as are the the effects. 

I realized that instead of running to God in my need, I run to sugar. It's a real addiction for me and I go through nasty withdraws when I don't have it. 

This is one of the most practical actions anyone can do as a child of God, a wife, a mother, a woman trying to draw closer to God and take good care of her body and spiritual walk. But success can only come for one who is willing. If you're not ready yet, that's OK! God works with us in different stages and in different ways. This won't be for everyone.

I no longer want this vice in my life. When I have a struggle, I want to rely on the only One who can shoulder my burdens and even lift them rather than escape them through eating sugar. 

I've decided to join my friend Wendy Speake who started this sugar fast last year for similar reasons. 

I think we all know sugar is bad for our bodies, but it also effects everything else...our focus, clarity, moods, energy, and is simply no substitute as god for the greatest God; the only True God. In all the years I've been eating sugar as emotional comfort, the comfort is always temporary, requiring I go back again and again...just like any drug or alcohol addiction. And I'm only left feeling empty, guilty as well as convicted, and with little (albeit temporary) satisfaction.

I no longer want to depend on sugar to make me happy, bring me comfort, or be a god in my life. I've wanted to kick the habit for a long time but truly lacked the support to do it. And believe me, breaking an addiction shouldn't be done alone. Support is vital.

If you are like me and struggle with this, I want to invite you to join us on this journey. Wendy has opened up a Facebook group for those interested in taking part and let me just say: you are not alone. There are hundreds of women who want to break the addiction as well. 

This all starts Monday, April 4th, 2016 and goes 40 days, through May 13th, 2016. 

The rules are personal for you and your needs. While the physical health benefits are obvious and will naturally occur, for me this is a spiritual sickness that must be treated. I no longer want to live in this bondage and I'm making it public because I know I'll need the support and accountability. 

The challenge is for 40 days, but I expect I will go beyond that as I don't ever want sugar to rule my life again and if that means, for me, avoiding permanently, than I will pray for God's strength to do just that.

My biggest challenges: coffee creamer (French Vanilla) and evening sugar cravings (ice cream).

While I have an alternative for my coffee (though as tasty), I will need a plan for the evenings so I do not regress out of desperation. Obviously not buying ice cream will be a start. These will be some of the things discussed within the Facebook group. If you're interested in joining, I encourage you to join the group here.

I will be posting here once a week with my progress. 

We are not selling anything here. No products. No promises. No pressure. This is simply an invitation to give your own sugar addiction (if you have one) over to God. I don't know about you, but I want to be free of it and fulfilled with His Spirit. 

If you'd like to join me on the journey, please feel free to sign up below. You don't need to do it alone.