Sometimes You Just Need to Scrap the Schedule

oldtime by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-SphereBefore we began school, I took the time to put together [what I thought was] the perfect schedule. I laid it out so that my children we're doing things suited to them during different parts of the day. It included Bible time, chore time, school time, read aloud time...well, you get the idea. For me it included morning quiet time (which will stay put), cleaning times woven in with school time, some project time, etc.

Despite my best efforts, the schedule has yet to be followed. Sure, we get in those important things, but not in the time slots or even the order in which they are listed on the schedule.

With 5 children, life is too unpredictable to be on such a strict schedule. I am not saying we have no structure at all. We definitely have that. But often, circumstances call for the time and order of things to be moved around.

There may be a discipline or training issue that needs to  be taken care of. A subject may have taken longer than what was scheduled. Any number of things can disrupt such a lovely set up. That's life.

So, I've decided to kind of scrap the schedule (which is hard because I'm a huge advocate of scheduling). I'm not giving up on the schedule altogether - but I am letting go of the original one I made for the beginning of this school year. It was too detailed.

Rather than scheduling each subject in a specific time slot, I am just scheduling "school" during morning hours and some afternoon hours. We'll do subjects in the order we can. Yes, we'll have an order everyday, but if it needs to be rearranged, it's not a big deal.

Rather than trying to get house work or laundry done during school hours, I am going to hold off on those things until after school hours are completed for the day. I only found myself frustrated when my kids needed my help as soon as I walked out to fold laundry again. Well, the laundry is going to have to wait.

Having structure in your day is important, but not on such a strict schedule that it zaps the joy right out of your day. Be flexible and go with the flow of your child/children.

What do you find most frustrating about your days?