Sometimes Gratitude Requires a Deeper Look

It's easy to be grateful for things like my husband and children; our home and furnishings; clothing and food. But it's been hard for me to look deeper. To see the gratitude in the small things - even in midst of desert moments.

It requires me to slow down and really open the eyes of my heart.  How can I find gratitude on days when the children are extra challenging? Or in large messes? On days I'm fatigued? It requires me to look deeper than the surface.

1.) When the children are extra challenging, I am thankful to be able to spend extra time with them.

2) for the opportunity to serve by cleaning up the large go lower

3) to recognize my days are full & I am busy kingdom building

Thus, begins my gratitude journey. Even if it only takes 1 at a time. I will look deeper than the surface, into the depths of my heart and soul to find those things which God has given me to find thanks for.

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