Simplify Life in 2014

I have found my life getting continuously cluttered in many areas. This causes me to be overwhelmed and seldom feel like I'm getting anything done. My mind hardly rests - if it isn't the cleaning list of to do's, it's the mothering list of how to's; it's the meals I can't do. It seems endless. I've been working with a team of bloggers and recognized we all have similar goals to simplify, so we put together the Life: Simplified Project for 2014.

Life: Simplified 2014

While our goals vary slightly on different areas of our lives, our ultimate goal remains the same: to simplify our lives in the areas needed  most.

For me, this includes these 4 areas:

Simplify Home

Maintaining a relatively clean and tidy home filled with 7 people is no easy task. After realizing repeatedly that I cannot keep up at this pace (even with the help of my children), I've decided it was time to take a different approach: purge and simplify. The old saying rings true: less is more.

We've accumulated more toys, more clothes, more miscellaneous than we can keep up with.

Less stuff will equal more peace and more time.

Simplify Time Management

Speaking of time, freeing up some more is definitely a good thing but it wouldn't do much good if I didn't manage it well. I need to funnel that extra time into areas where it will most benefit. I also need to choose wisely what I'm spending my time on. I have created schedules but have rebelled against using them because I felt they were too restrictive. But the truth is, they allow for more productivity and direction. Not having a plan everyday only ensures I won't accomplish much.

I'm only given one life to live. I don't want to waste it by letting it whittle by.

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Simplify Food

Have you ever noticed the vast amount of food varieties at the grocery store? It can be so overwhelming, I don't even know what to make most days because I don't know how to navigate through the endless choices.

And honestly, most of the food on grocery store shelves aren't healthy anyways due to all the junk they put it in it for various reasons: taste, texture, color, shelf longevity, etc. Much of it is not even food. 

I know how overwhelming switching to a more whole foods way of eating can be. But I'm also learning that if I narrow down our choices to a more simple menu, it makes planning that much easier. Who says we need to eat 30 different meals per month? I'll be sharing these simplistic meal ideas and recipes in future posts.

Simplify Homeschooling

Homeschooling multiple children is no easy feat and I'm learning so much along the way. However, I thought it would be wise and beneficial to use different core curriculums with different children. I was very wrong. It is way to difficult to keep up with such an endeavor. Essentially, I'm teaching 4 different things to 4 different children rather then teaching them the same things, adapted for their level. My idea simply wasn't a great one and sometimes you just don't realize that until you try it. Sometimes, things look better in our mind, or even on paper, then in reality.

So, I will be simplifying in those areas but I also want to broaden our learning experience beyond books and pencil and paper. We will be learning notebooking techniques and using them, not only for learning purposes, but to also keep an ongoing record of their work. Something more tangible and consistent then we've been doing.

But we'll also be venturing out more and focus on strengthening the gifts each of our children possess.


In the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing my goals and photos where applicable. I don't just want to share my intentions, but my progress. Though I'll be focusing on most areas simultaneously, I'll be sharing them in intervals.

There are about 10 other bloggers who are doing this challenge along side me, each with slightly different goals. We want to invite you to join us! Think of 3-4 areas you could stand to simplify and make some goals to do so. Feel free to blog about it if you feel so lead. Sometimes that kind of accountability can really keep us motivated and moving forward.

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What areas could you most use the simplicity?

Resources along the way: {affil links}

The Confident Mom's Daily Planner (FREE!)

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine

More or Less by Jeff Shinabarger

Balanced: Finding Center as a Work-at-home Mom by Tricia Goyer