Seeds Family Worship

Have you ever heard of Seeds Family Worship? I kept hearing their name buzzing around the blogosphere and all I really knew was that they sang scripture, and many homeschooling moms were using it as a tool for memorizing. Brilliant! I contacted Seeds and kindly asked them if they would allow me to review a copy of one of their CD's. They allowed me to choose, and I picked Seeds of Faith. I thought verses on what our faith is about would be most beneficial to my children who are still so young (8 and under).

Friends, I have to tell you, this CD is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I love it as much as my kids---maybe more!

We listen at home, we listen in the car, while we're cleaning. And when I read a verse that is on the CD, I immediately think of that tune! It's a brilliant way to sow seeds of scripture in our hearts.

And isn't it fitting - these CD's are truly a gift to the whole family. And seriously, with Christmas coming up, these would make great stocking stuffers.

And to go even a step further, Seeds Family worship has begun to include TWO cd's with your order. One for you, and one to share. How awesome is that!? So you get TWO for the price of one.

I really encourage you to visit Seeds Family Worship's website and listen to some of their music. They give you a whole playlist, with full length songs. Listen to it again and again and tell me you don't get hooked!!

They are in the process of making their newest CD: Seeds of character. You can pre-order them to be ready for Christmas!

*Seeds Family Worship provided me with a free CD in exchange for this authentic review. Please see my full disclosure policy here.